18 August 2010

Greedy Little Fingers

Pink suits him.  (c) Getty Images
Middleboy Josh Davey grabbed sensational 5 for 9 at 1.22, including two caught-and-bowleds, in Scotland's second ODI against the shooting stars Afghanistan, after the bagpipes got battered by them in the first match. It nourishes my hope that he could replace a departing Malan at some point, as Middlesex are agonisingly short of bowlers who can remove a tail, and another good bowling option that mainly bats -traditionally lower down the order- could come in more than handy. Also it won't be of disadvantage to play both an actual Berg and an emerging Berg. Not saying that anyone could ever match Gareth Berg the Messiah of county cricket, but you know what I mean. Josh has already proven that he is able to hold an innings together under pressure.

We will have to wait and see which other changes are taking place in the near future, the grapevine whispers of Shaun "King" Udal's soonish retirement; I suspect Tom Smith has already reserved that spot for himself, could need a bit of work on his batting though but I generally like this option. Robbie Williams would probably be another possibility, there is no shortage of this category of players. 

Newman the git has done a classical North and pulled his head out of the noose right when he should have been dropped already but was stuck to for reasons you only understand after a bottle of Absinthe. I would have loved to see Dan Housego in his place but poor Dan will have to look into the cat's butt now that Newman has played two useful innings. Very annoying. Maybe Middle should trade him, that would be the most elegant option. I heard Hampshire are looking for a batsman *g* Not the worst deal, if you consider that they just rid themselves of Kevin Pietersen in the most irresponsible manner and chucked him into Middlesex' general direction. Which leaves us hoping that Kay Pee's international form improves QUICKLY. And Steven Finn is the Victoria Beckham of Cricket.

That was today's comprehensive Middle drivel.



Anonymous said...

Is this guy 10? He's gone to the Tim Paine school of trying to look like a grown-up and failing miserably.


half-tracker said...

There's no way we are taking Newman!!!

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Haha Lou I am not sure how old he is, I think 19. Everybody seems to be 19 these days. I should jump on the bandwagon.

HT you are right, Hamps deserve better ;)