29 August 2010

I want to vomit - someone tell me this isn't true!!!!

Pakistan: News Of The World exposes huge betting scandal - Link includes video

I am absolutely shattered. Still hoping it is set up, not true, a scam...
Aamer?? Asif?? Heck, our dear Salman Butt the ringleader? Kamran Akmal well no one ever thought he was clean... but the other three? This can't be true, it can't!!! But it is obviously on all news channels already.

Sorry for this incoherent shit. I can't think straight

How many times has it happened that a Pak player you really liked has twisted the knife in your stomach and then dug his hands into your guts? I've stopped counting. But Aamer is absolutely shocking. Heck, the guy could have ruled his own kingdom!!! If the accusations are true he'll be gone. I can't frickn wrap my head around it.

links of articles by News Of The World:

Detailed analysis of Aamer's and Asif's no balls - gutwrenching :((((

Meeting with the players, money is handed over, Salman supposed to bat a maiden over, Wahab Riaz

Pakistan had been planning to throw two of the ODIs v England

Majeed reveals all about the Sydney Test and the profits, ball tampering with vaseline



Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Just seen it on the news, and without getting carried away, you have to say it dosen't look good.

The two no balls bowled by Aamer that I've just seen don't look good for him. They weren't even close!

greyblazer said...


Well shocking news but there would always be a doubt on Asif as he has been embroiled in drug controversies too. Ameer? why would a young talent like him do it? madness.

Jenya said...

my reaction was the same - betrayed, dejected, bewildered.
Like I need a big bowl of kimchi stew and something fuzzy to wear.
Yes, Amir's role in all this files under "Things I'll Never Understand".
If you're this good, and you want stupid money for it, fine - do what everyone else does - play a billion dumb Twenty20s, turn yourself into a walking advert (coughfreddiecough). Anything is better than this.

Butt should change is surname and consider a career in acting, because for the longest time, we were none the wiser.
Everybody seemed to think that he's a goody two-shoes.