2 August 2010

The Mentor Is Back - MoYo Power!

Mohammad Yousuf, our good mentor and giver of the title of this blog, has magically and inexplicably reappeared from... where he had disappeared to, and is going to gift us with his lovely mellow, polite and appeasing presence in the next Test of Pakistan versus England.

How beautiful. Personally I can't wait to see him in the whites again because he will sure get dropped right after the series or maybe even after just one match, so one has grab what one can get and be happy with it.

What can we expect from his inclusion in the team:

1) Pakistan will score 30 runs more than in the first Test, so his call-up will not have been in vain, silly, desperate, stupid, dumb and ridiculous.

2) Why 30? Once he has settled in and made 15 he will get run out by Salman.

3) The fielding standard might drop by a couple more degrees.

4) Swann will get his thumbnail torn off.

5) Shoaib Malik will once more reveal his true, rat-like self.

6) Mo Asif will be awesome. Okay that was unrelated.

Mohammad Yousuf  the good mentor, I hope he'll give a press conference   (c) Getty Images

But we shall not seek the beard hair in the soup, and instead praise the day and sing; thank you thank you for the beautiful morning, for it bore beautiful news.

I personally would have expected to see Fawad Alam as well of course, he is young but also experienced enough, uses his brain at the crease and can field. But since Nom Nom Afridi has kicked himself out chances for Funky to get a call are probably close to zero. Raza Hasan has been added, a name I vividly remember from the U19 World Cup, he backs up Saeed Ajmal, who, and I am hurting to admit this, has deserved his spot in the place of poor Danish Kaneria. Why, Dani, WHY??? Oh man :(

I feel a severe pain realising that the guy who Yousuf is most likely going to substitute is Azhar Ali. Please, no :(
Azhar is cool, wish he'd get a couple more chances to prove himself. Umar Amin is cool, too, and most likely to stay because he looked a bit better with the ball. But axing the chubby leggie is just mean... (to me).

Ah well, we shall see. If you can't wait until the next Test begins, click the "Mentor" link at the top of the blog and listen to the sermons he gave on Pakistan's tour of Australia.



Mudassar @ CricketVibe.com said...

oh well Wes fav. mentor is back from ashes (not Aus v Eng ) and he will surely give us some more during next some weeks.

But this time it is Butt who will be facing the mike to do you think he will provide us such a universal line or audio recording as Yousuf did or is he decent enough to avoid follow the pattern. It is so nice to see how he will react and as far as I know he doesn't seems happy with Yousuf coming back.

Raza is a good spinner who have more brain than Dani I guess but he is too young I had watched him live and he did some nasty things to Pakistan senior team in my home city Sargodha but he did crumbled in final over against Saeed Ajmal by giving him easy boundaries to seal the match. Anyway he is probably raw so they need to keep him with team for a while to get him ready for the real deal but he is an exciting thing. And if Ajmal failed at his second chance Raza will be another debut in our re-birth season.

You are 100% right about Funky Fawad not coming back.

Mudassar @ CricketVibe.com said...

ok sorry if above comment doesn't make any sense, I am probably half sleeping :P

GreenJJ said...

Azhar Ali looked a good player in the Tests vs Aus, he should be persisted with. Not sure Amin deserves another shot, his average must be south of 10 by now and they don't really need more options with the ball. Ajmal will be good, he's always done me proud in my fantasy cricket teams.

greyblazer said...

Azhar bats a bit like BBW and wood chopper Ijaz Ahmed lol.

Umar Amin is a sweet timer of the ball but seems to lack the temperament.

sunny said...

I'm so glad MoYo is back. Even though this time around I was damn sure he's retired properly. But how can he? He's a Stani after all, isn't he?

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Thanks @ everybody who assured me that Azhar is going to stay. It also looks now as if MoYo is having a bit of trouble to obtain the right visa in time for the next Test.

Maddy again I am envying you for you saw them all at home ;)

JJ I think as well that Ajmal will do better than Kaneria but in terms of entertainment he doesn't have that much to offer.

Sunny I was sure as well but after a couple of days the first people started to predict his comeback, and there he is *g*

The question is whether it is really the right direction to go. Not sure about that.

Mudassar @ CricketVibe.com said...

@Wes, it is not only the wrong direction to go but it is disastrous as you will witness in next some matches I guess. MoYo will not play 2nd he will play 3rd and 4th which are on better pitches for batting, it will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

In some ways, it is an awful move as the changing rooms must have been more harmonious even if the on-field batting and fielding was dire.

Malik and MoYo are not a good mix. Mind you, I'm not sure who either of them get along with anyway, but you can hear the discontented rumblings already.

I want to think well of Butt as a leader so watching him stuff around when running isn't going to be a good look at all. He was almost as bad as Asif last summer in Aus for refusing to run properly but it hasn't been as noticeable this tour. Probably because his batting partners just haven't lasted long enough.


Wasim said...

Salman Butt should make sure that Yousaf and Malik stay in the same room.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

I want Malik to get dropped, can't stand him.