6 August 2010


So the Australian selectors have confirmed Marcus North for the Tests in India. I obviously choked on my tongue when reading this last night and was going to write the maddest post ever. Today I just feel depressed about it. Depressed about the million chances wasted since the Australian summer, depressed about the loss of Steven Smith, depressed about the prospect of North stuffing up yet another home season - the most important one imaginable-, depressed about Hilditch selecting him indeed on grounds of his six wickets. Just a few people were afraid this could happen, everybody else laughed this absurdity off. Should have known it better.

Well there is still a bit of rage in me but the flame is fading. My Legsmith campaign will continue, but Stevie will only get another chance after North fails in the Ashes. Maybe. Probably not. They would rather select North's grandmother than dare to take a step into the future. Did I mention that Klutz will be back, at the expense of Tim Paine?
Gaaahh. GAHHHH.

Another thing that pisses me off massively is every single word uttered by Punter to the press. Can't he just shut up? Nobody wants to know that he is planning to take the Australian captaincy to the grave with him. Nobody wants to hear dross like "I am going to captain the team until I fall over and can't get up again". Stop bloody making a drongo of yourself you stubborn old donkey!!! And somebody forbid him to use the bullshit pullshot.


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Lou said...

I've kind of become a bit zen about all this as well even though I was really pissed off at first by Hilditch's latest spilling of empty head in the press. I just can't be bothered getting all worked up about the selectors now. They'll hopefully be looking for occupation to their 'other' interests sooner rather than later.

Lou said...

And Punter is sounding like Captain Mainwaring.

Purna said...

Okay, North shouldn't have been selected but honestly I don't see anybody else taking over the captaincy at the moment.

But yes, ban Ricky from using the pullshot!

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

I was raging mad last night and shouted at an innocent unsuspecting person and couldn't stop. Please dear god make the ground open and engulf Marcus North. No offence Marcus, but you are fucking blocking the spot of someone I want in the side.

Lou said...

Wes, I think there are a number of issues with the team.

North is one of the more obvious ones and the easiest to scapegoat.

Watson's form with the bat is a problem as is Punter's and Hussey's. Haddin isn't covering too many bases with the bat either and Paine is obviously a better keeper than him.

Plus our bowlers will be hamstrung if Mitch decides to go walkies for a few tests during India and/or the Ashes.

Considering all this, it will be a miracle if we win the Ashes back. It really will.

half-tracker said...

Why North is still considered, I don't know. As another Aussie told me elsewhere, it's Ussie time!

Eye Jay said...

Get Cosgrove in at 6!

On 2nd thoughts don't, because we'll never see him at Glamorgan again

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Lou, North is not a scapegoat(that would mean he is innocent, sort of), I agree, Watson is a worry, that's why there is the talk of him dropping down the order and, as Hants says, it might be Ussie-time, but I still want Smith in at all cost. Mitch... no use discussing that. Terribly out of form but there's no one else as the rest lie in sick bed. It's too late (too bloody late) for any experiments now. You will get suicidal of you think about it :/

Jay I reckon as a Welshman you don't mind AUS to play someone like Super Cossy? :P Don't worry, Oz are allergic against balloon-shaped players... there is no danger of him ever getting close to the national side :(

AndyD said...

What if he was in the team for his spin bowling? Bit like Michael Bevan.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello Andy, AUS already have Hauritz as a specialist spinner and they should stick with him. They need North to bat in the first place, any spinning is just a bonus. The batting line-up has shown worrying cracks in England (Watson, Punter, Hussey, North...) and AUS need a big batting belly around the middle. Smith bowls part time spin as well but he also bats and has the balls of a lion. Also, he's a good boy, he's a future prospect that needs international practice, and I like him ;)