4 September 2010

Happy Berg-21-Not-Out Day Everybody...

...off 17 balls incl. 3 fours... that's all I can say for now, looking at the scorecard...

Middlesex v Derbyshire (CB40)

Middlesex won because the match was neither on TV nor was I listening to the radio. That is a dilemma for a supporter. To follow or not to follow, that's the question. Will they win all three competitions next year if I quit rooting for them in public? No wait a minute. It's because Toby wasn't playing. But quitting on bowling him isn't an option either. So I guess we'll have to get arranged with that hard bench in the basement of the table. Sorry guys.

I see that Newman was badly in the runs. I see that Owais had a good day. I see that Tom Smith bowled like the total man. The last time that he delivered a performance like this must have been in the FPT20, I remember a particular match with fantastic Smithfigures. I also see that Murts and Finny were fine, very fine. And Owais took his obligatory trundle wicket. Dexter didn't even have to bat, I am sure he would have made a 50.  And Straussy got wagged for 7!!! What a dear and nice match it must have been... *sigh* Just what I would have needed after this week of cricket wreckage.

Instead I decided to book a bed at the Heartbreak Hotel Hampshire...

Keep an eye on Hants And What Not, there should be some sort of report up rather soonishly.

Edit, it is out now! It is about The Big Mac aka Neil McKenzie... yayyy!

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That's that for now, have a nice weekend


Sidthegnomenator said...

I have to break it to you - Middlesex won because they were playing Derbyshire. That simple.

Stealing Chris Rogers is just low, btw!!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Can't have been the reason, as Middlesex lost the first encounter