21 September 2010

Red Rubber

This is a meh post about a meh match ... which had its little highlights.

Guyana v Redbacks

Well I did expect the Redbacks to soften up a bit for this match simply because they had already been through safely. But hadn't expected them to stare at defeat for a while. Klinger, Harris and Manou departed within minutes and it was up to Callum Ferguson (55) and Cameron Borgas (48) to build a lasting and valuable partnership and steer the red rubber boat into safe waters. Their successors Dan frickn Christian (23 off 10, 3x6) and Tom Cooper (13* off 5, 3x4) quickfired the total up to 191, the Redbacks' highscore in the tournament so far.

Dan frickn Christian's latest role: key player  (c) AFP
This is what I like about the Saussies, no matter how many wickets have fallen, the incoming batsman is not scared, the first ball he faces gets attacked right away... Dan Christian *g* This is probably also why we haven't seen any complete implosions from them yet, the pressure gets to teams so easily but both times the RBs have been in this situation so far every new batsman made a fist of his stay at the crease and I was undeniably looking forward to Tom Cooper's appearance.

So in spite of the little top order collapse the batting was never endangered. The bowling looked a lot more worrying. Well everybody knows that whether to Tait or not to Tait makes a difference of two levels in the penetration quality of the bowling attack. Jake Haberfield struck early but debutante Richard Ramdeen (35) and Steven Jacobs (32) were granted long lives. It took the introduction of -you will have guessed it already- Dan frickn Christian to achieve the breakthrough, and later on offspinner Aaron O'Brien, who's had quite a fructuous tournament so far, grabbed the third wicket before it was too late. But skipper Ramnaresh Sarwan, who was clearly enjoying his time out there in this pressure free match, stayed glued at the crease and made 70 from 46, before Daniel Harris removed him eventually to grab his 3-fer.

My personal stand-out bowler is DC though, two wickets at 5.00 (compare Harris 3 at 11.00) underlines the class this man has developed in the past months. Attack leader Gary Putland was weirdly expensive and remained wicketless, and Cullen Bailey only bowled one over before Klinger took him off again. If you look at the the bowling figures it becomes clear why the Guyana boys almost managed to chase down this huge total.

Ah well, the Redbacks won and are playing their next match at Centurion, which was the aim Michael Klinger had proclaimed at the toss. Guyana managed to step on the throttle and leave the tournament with raised head. Dan frickn Christian obviously also defended the golden stumps and Klinger should still be the carrier of the golden bat after this match. Well well, Redbacks, now it's the semis.

I am inconsolable about the exit of the brave Highveld Lions, who just got defeated by Virat Kohli after a mammoth effort to pull the game back. So altogether one could state that it wasn't the best of days for my favoured teams.

Tomorrow we shall learn who advances in Group B... the progression of the Bushrangers depends on the outcome of the match between Rusty Theron's Warriors and Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings. The Warriors need to win this match for both my favoured teams to reach the next stage, which I hope they will be attempting at, even though this means that the two Australian teams will clash in the semis. The Vics can also make it if Chennai win by a large margin [points table]. Please refer to Mahek in the comments for the math.

So, I probably needn't tell you who my heart beats for *g*



Mahek said...

The Redbacks will be playing their semis at Centurion and not the Wanderers. Also, the Bushrangers can go through even if Chennai win (I think it has to be a margin of around 30 runs).

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Thank you Mahek I have corrected it.

Anonymous said...

It has been really interesting watching the Fergum. He appears to have gained an even better cricket brain during his time off. And his timing is as good as ever.

I have great hopes for him now if he can stay fit.


Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Hello Lou, you are right, Fergum is an amazingly safe bet... I caught myself leaning back and thinking ahh Ferg is still there.