9 September 2010

Some general drivel prior to the CLT20

I have encountered questions by several people about who to support, especially in the likely case that the Redbacks don't quite make it to the final. Difficult to answer, as English teams are not allowed to take part. Of course you are free to shout "Hampshire! Hampshire!" from the first to the last second, there is no other team that would have deserved participation more than the noble knights in blue, but be forewarned, you might end up as a voice of one calling in the desert and lose your mind over that.

My personal stand-in faves, and admittedly two teams I will support anyway, are the Highveld Lions (errrr.... "Hampshire! Hampshire!") and, tadaaaaa... the Warriors! The latter must advance at any cost as we are all clinging to the edge of our seats in anticipation of an extended Rusty Theron viewing. Tsobie, Bouchperv, Botha, Ntini, Boje and a hopefully in-form Ash are a few more reasons to put them on the watchlist. 

Alternatively, if you like to go with the complete underdogs, I can recommend you the Central Sheeps. Matthew Sinclair and Peter Ingram are the only two players I have ever heard of and IIRC neither of them has recently played any matches for NZ or ever shone with memorable heroics. The Stags could actually be one of the more potent teams, alas, Ross Taylor has been preemptively neutralised via IPL contract and Jacob Oram as well as Graham Napier are out with injury. Thus, if you love supporting the Kiwis, you will love supporting the Stags.

Should neither of the above mentioned teams, nor the West Indian, Sri Lankan or Indian representatives be able to win your heart, then I am afraid the only team left for you are the Victorian Bushrangers. But we shouldn't let it come to this should we!


And now for something not completely different:
Here's a little gem for all friends of Graham Manou. I must confess what I've always enjoyed most about his captaincy were his slightly dopey interviews, he's such a kind and lovely bloke. When Colonel Klinger took the reigns in hand it meant at the same time that the stream of Manou interviews would inevitably dry up. But here's another life sign from the old skipper, recorded after the first warm-up in South Africa, and it's as Manou as it gets!

You can find more videos, for instance a Cameron Borgas interview and footage of one of the warm-up games, at the Redbacks Youtube channel, watch that space for more Redbacks videos from behind the scenes.

Wish you all a happy and exciting Champions League!



sunny said...

Yoohooo, you're supporting the Saffer sides! That's so sensible of you Wes! :D

Personally I won't be catching too much of the CLT20 since my two teams didn't make it, but I'd really want an underdog to win this. It always makes for some more interesting viewing.

And I didn't read about this; why exactly aren't the English teams granted permission to play?

Sidthegnomenator said...

I'm joining the Redbacks for the duration, Wes. My only other option is the Bloody Vics and you know how I feel about them. Although they do look pretty strong ... no, redbacks, radbacks!

Vics 2nd and CSK third. No South Africans for me, sorry.

half-tracker said...

Cheering on the Redbacks for sure, and especially the mighty DAN CHRISTIAN!!!!! What a melon. *bow*

Will look out for the Lions too, go Macca!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Ambassadors of the good taste, I greet you!

Sunny I didn't know that any Belgian teams had been in the contention? :P

The English schedule did not allow for any participation, it clashed with the end of the county season, as far as I know the CL schedule was shifted several times, the ECB adapted once but not a second time...

(half-tracker perhaps?)

half-tracker said...

That is correct Wes, Modi and Clarke having a lovers tiff, so the CL was arranged so that no English team could take part due to CC commitments. Feel so sorry for Cork, but even more sorry for Vince, Bates, Wood and the Briggadier. :( And of course Jimmy.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Thanks, yes, I had a faint memory. Yup but you can alternatively cheer for Hamps' official representatives, DC and Mac! ;)

sunny said...

Oh no, I wasn't talking of Belgium, don't expect them to make it to international cricket even after 50 years. And my poor Dad tries so hard. :(
I wanted either Delhi or the Nashua Titans to make it but that didn't happen.

Hmmm..that's not very interesting about the English teams. So no Stanis and no Poms; gets a bit boring already. :)

Suhas said...

Strong lineup there for Victoria, even with the absence of Royal Challenger White. Maybe we'll get a sneak preview of what to expect from Peter George.

The Redbacks can count on my support as well - behind Central and RCB of course. Looking forward to watching Callum Ferguson after a long while. Though if T&T had returned as the West Indian representative this time I'd be hoping on their behalf.