17 October 2010

Day One Of The Ginger World Domination

South Africa v Zimbabwe ODI 2 Click here for the post on ODI 1

Yeah blabla Hash made a ton (Hash do you know that you are slowly turning into the second most boring cricketer after Sachin hehe) and AB De Villiers, too, and all my favourite Zimbos got clobbered (more on that later)... But. We have witnessed the official birth of the Venus of South African pace bowling. Yeah the informed minority had long been anticipating his rise in total readiness, but today even the last ignorant fools couldn't escape the sweet sounds of the εύαγγέλιoν anymore: Rusty Theron is conquering the world. I remember the first time I watched him play, an IPL highlights video on Youtube, and I saw his smooth, bendy, almost rubbery action, the deadly darts from his hands and his happy, friendly nature, all the positive emotions he wears on the outside, and I thought yes. Fuck. Yes.

Well admittedly it only took like half a year or so until he got the national call but for someone who was dying to watch him play live it felt like a painful eternity. But all the campaigning paid off, the rocky path was walked successfully, the ignorance has been overcome. In the end everything went really quickly: he displayed his power and might in the CLT20 for the Warriors, subsequently marched into the national T20 side again, where he was asked to take the ball in hand this time, earned his ODI cap as a consequence, and now he has taken eight wickets in two matches including his maiden ODI 5-wicket-haul. It seriously runs down my tortured soul like oil. Strangely, there is nothing curious or especially remarkable about this enthralling revelation; if common sense prevailed in the selectoral circles cricket would be reigned by redheads. However, his international debut is a first step into the right direction.

Hmmm. Alright. Yes Tatenda Taibu played a very good innings. But now I am digging inside my brain to find more Zimbonian positives that could match the Saffa ones, alas, I fail. Alexander The Great walked through the corridor of terrors, his wicket completed Rusty's 5-er, and Elton was cruel enough to belt him into the barrage to provide the last drops of blood Hash still needed for his ton. Brendan Taylor was likewise sent on to complete AB De Villiers' century, and I wished Elton would have shown some spine and done at least one of these jobs himself. Mpofu had been dropped for Keith Dabengwa, who tried his best with bat and ball and didn't look too bad doing so, and Hamilton Masakadza had been mysteriously dropped as well; in came the long awaited Craig Ervine, who could unfortunately not make a greater impact. The Saffas rested Botes (grrrr) and Albie, and brought Robin Peterson and Tsobie in instead... not that it played a bigger role.

Well that was largely sobering. To be honest I am not sure if the Zims can save their faces on Friday but you never know, dead rubbers unfold a strange nature sometimes. Oh yes and the Booflinger managed to reply to all three questions he got asked in the post match presentation with "Yeah look...". 
*grabs head*



PinkyWill said...

Maybe not day one of the Ginger revolution - don't forget England's (potential) Ginger middle order of Bell, Collingwood and Morgan (and lest we forget Swann carries the Ginger gene). Having said that, when trying to put together a world Ginger eleven, they're the only ones I could think of. But props to Rusty for starting the saffa Ginger revolution!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Dude... Colly, BellSmell and Morgan are about as revolutionary as a pair of brown felt slippers in a box of grey ones. Swann might have a place in Rusty's empire, but he's not allowed to leave the kitchen.

Dave (World Cricket Watch) said...

Rusty has to be the greatest name for a redhead ever.

What mould of bowler would you say Rusty is in Wes?