3 October 2010

The Mitchician

India v Australia Test 1


Hark the herald Aussies sing, glory to the batting king!
(who obeys the mighty finger trap)
So Mitchell Johnson scored 47 in fours and sixes off a tired Ojha. He definitely needs to transfer the clockwork-like consistency, with which he produces exactly one useful innings every 12 months, onto his bowling. With the help of a couple of singular big scores against the Saffas and a handful of not-outs his average has climbed to 24 (that's below Swann's), which obviously makes him look like the next Sachin, if not Bradman, and it's probably this figure that leads Australia to the collective lustful sigh of "Mitchell Johnson is still to come", whenever the proper batsmen have left the building.

I am saying, stop heaping these amounts of  expectation on him. Take his runs as a gift. Don't get me wrong, Mitch at the crease is a rousing experience, a sight to behold, and in another life he would probably live his secret dream and get rich and famous as the most brutal unugly batsman of all time. But in this life he is supposed to take wickets, and thankfully he does! Felling Gambhir and Sehwag successively is more the sort of the mitchievements I expect to see, Oz needs his incarnation as a walking scalpel; the rest has to be done by those who get paid to bat. This does in no way diminish the gloat I feel about him humbling nearly the entire batting order except for Watto, Run-Out-Ricky, Hilfy and Timmy of course. But my North case is closed, been campaigning for more than half a year, just click the North tag below the post if you are interested. 

But now comes what the vast majority of you have been waiting for: Timmy Time! Due to some very desirable circumstances, i.e. Klutzo nursing his niggle at home, Tim Paine gets another invaluable opportunity to show off his skills at Test level, and boy is he making a fist of it. Haddin already felt compelled to assure that he would be back for the Ashes. It must be a horror vision for him to imagine that the little Tassie sunshine could drop his little sunshine butt onto the formerly undisputed Klutz throne.

All I can say is: go Timmy go go go! Most of Australia and Europe is behind you, heck, you even have honest supporters in Pomdoria! I also bet my own four letters that Haddin would have gone out cheaply like the rest of the upper middle order. Yeah perhaps Tim couldn't quite complete his century but who cares. He saved the Australian innings, without him Oz would have stared into the barrel of a gun. He also gave Mitch the safety to score freely. Ah man. It's cool. I'm so happy about every chance he gets, he needs that time in the middle on hostile ground, to ripen and to prepare himself for his ultimate and definite promotion to Oz keeper in all formats.

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Sidthegnomenator said...

Nice to see your little sunsine get some runs under his belt. He started a bit nervous, but he soon settled and - patient little tyke that he is - built one hell of an innings. Unlucky to fall short of 100 but he has plenty of time.

Now, I don't think I heap too much pressure on Johnson - although you're right that a lot of Aussies do. On his batting, I mean. We shouldn't be relying on him to save us with the bat, it isn't his job. Yet, as I have pointed out with frustration a few times lately, we seem to be relying on our bowlers to bat for us a lot lately. It's what happens when your batsmen fail miserably.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

It's not supposed to happen like this! Clarke, Kato, Hussey need to make some bloody runs... (will not mention North in the list anymore... so far it has come!)

sunny said...

When I read Punter saying something like 'our batting is as good as that of the Indians' I chuckled. The Aussies sure have got some impressive names in their batting order, but a few haven't been performing since a while and it's usually left to Watto, Kato and some lower order bloke to do the job.

And Timmy is totally wonderful! Can we have him for South Africa Sid? We need another keeper.

Sidthegnomenator said...

There will be no taking Timmy! While I always prefer Haddin, he is getting on a bit and we will be needing Our Sunshine full time soon.

Hands off!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Sunny you have Heino Kuhn.
Ha ha.