8 October 2010

not so awezim :(

South Africa v Zimbabwe T20 1


Ah well

Boofsmith I hail thee!  (c) Graeme Smith
+  I had a good stream
+  With no ads
+  Cremer played
+  Cremer took a wicket
+  Cremer took a big fat wicket
— Cremer batted
— Elton bowled
— Elton took a wicket
+  Zim didn't embarrass themselves with the bat
+  Coventry was useful
+  Mpofu has had an encounter with a hairdresser since the WT20
— Taylor ruled everything into the ground
— Rainsford ruled everything into the ground
+  Boofsmith played well despite it being a T20
+  Rusty played
+  Rusty took a wicket
+  Rusty didn't wear an atrocious eye-cancer inducing neon green shit kit
— Duminy-free area
+  Botha was nice
— Zimbabwe won
= 65% out of a possible 100% awesomeness
= match was ok, could have been A LOT better.



Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

- Parnell played
- Parnell bowled well
- But Parnell also got hammered in the end.
- Rusty was good.
- can zim have one or two more Cremer? that will do!!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Ha! But this is the list of things that make it awesome *for me* and thus Parnell isn't on it, since he is simply irrelevant to me due to some utterings he made during the Football World Cup :P
Cremer got let down by the fielding... like all spinners nowadays all over the planet. You can't rely on anyone anymore, either you do it yourself i.e. take the returncatch or bowl him or lbw him or you can as well go home and bake a muffin.

sunny said...

What is it he said Wes?

I felt kinda bad for Zimbabwe yesterday, they batted really well and SA was just so poor in the field that....well let's not talk about it. It makes me feel like exploding.
Yeah, surprisingly Biff played well, but he has to play well now considering he isn't our undroppable fat skipper anymore.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

He massively rooted for the teams I hate and he keeps tweeting stuff I hate. It's a sort of permanent state of "God I will unfollow him. I will seriously unfollow him. One more and I will unfollow him! Arghh!"

Biff's gonna be undroppable for quite a while :D