10 October 2010

Qietly zimpering into my pillow

South Africa v Zimbabwe T20 2


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So close, so agonisingly close. I need a new body after this match because mine is chewed up, has fallen to pieces, has crumbled to crumbs. And morsels. Would you ever have thought that they get even close to 195. And yet they did. And then fell 8 short. Being on top of the Saffas' wickets and runrate for a large part of the innings and in the end not being able to complete the rape. Ah fuck that really.

I will not re-post an adjusted version of the checklist, but one of the bullets has to be mentioned again. Brendan Taylor ruled everything into the ground. Elton had a hard time picking the right bowlers, out of his sheer misery he opened with the spinners and it wasn't the worst move really. In fact it worked quite well; getting Bosman, who due to his nature might have a weakness against unexpected spin, and newbie Ingram via the Prospering Utseya was fun to watch. But you can't impress the Moosmith with such cheap tricks. You need the sacrosanct Taylor/Cremer combination to remove His Voluminous Boofheadedness from the turf. The job looked half done but there was still someone hanging around who thought it could be a great idea to race straight to the top of my smack list, yes I am looking at you JP Poominy!

Let's talk about the positive things. Justice Chibhaba for instance. Played the second great innings in a row, murdered Duminy, and I would really like to see him in the FPT20 next season. Same goes for Hamilton Masakadza, a bit unlucky today but he is awesome. Brendan Taylor had one of these days. Bowled at 4.00, returned from his safari with the Biffhead in hand and batted his arse off. I also like Chris Mpofu, yeah he got hammered but so what, he's cool.

Alexander The Great finished on 2 not out, it will certainly lift his average in the format. No he didn't bowl. I can't remember seeing him with the ball in hand. If he had he would certainly have taken Duminy out on 10, if not earlier. No? Hnnnnggggggg. Okay the truth is when he came on I slumped down in front of the monitor in fetal position and from that moment on I don't remember much. However, he rules, I think that goes without saying. They must stick with him. He really got a couple of nice balls in and should have taken one, if not two of the Saffa wickets.

Rusty was a lean mean vindaloo machine today. I hope so much they will keep him in the team once Steyner and Morkel return. He adds so much to the side: loveliness, fabulousness, gingerheadedness, positivity, dangerousness, precision, clatteritis. Today we got to see the entire package: devilish bowling, good catching, thunderous throwing. The Saffas would be fools to kick him out of the side again. Says Wes who is happy to *finally* be able to see him play.

One last thing, the Faithwear kit worn by Zim is just gorgeous, I do especially like the cut and the decent accents, and the elegant white lettering of a popular soft drink manufacturer blends in so decoratively. I hope Reebok won't stuff it up.

Perhaps Zimbabwe can sneak the odd victory in the ODI series, Grant Flower is back with the flock, and ah well, I am just happy to watch them play whatever happens. Go the Zims!

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