31 October 2010

That's what you get for....

... not picking Rusty. Bowling Albie at the death I mean wtf

Pakistan v South Africa ODI 2

Well-deserved defeat. Feel sorry for Colin Ingram, he's one bloody cool kiddie batter, would so have deserved to take the MOTM for his fabulous ton. Inga you rule! Feel also sorry for my heapsishly admired cricket pastor Johan Botha. But he's blundered a couple of decisions today. Fatsmith and Rusty have to return asap, and things will be back on track. Fatsmith is essential at the top. And Rusty at the bottom.

And now excuse me as I am busy kissing the dirt under Abdul Razzaq's feet. Hampshire! Hampshire! Today we have seen why and how he wins tournaments. Combine the calmness of Eoin Morgan, the hitting power of Cameron White, the vocal talent of Pavarotti and the wisdom of an 80-year-old tortoise, that's Abdul Razzaq.

Wes ;)


Rishabh said...

Haha, I love the old guy pic.

Suhas said...

Couldn't help thinking how the manner of victory was so typically Pakistani and the manner of defeat so South African.

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...

Endless adjectives can't do justice to what we witnessed on the field yesterday!

Such a proud moment!



sunny said...

The commentators were bugging the poor old guy while he was gently snoring. :)

But my, that was a WUNNERFUL match! I'm glad I stayed up to watch it; seeing the old-timer hit so many sixes was a pleasure. (Well, not too much to be honest, I was after all still supporting the Saffers.) ;)

Masuud said...

Wait. For a second I thought either I was reading a thrashing of a bowling attack who was good enough till 30 October, or a Hampshire praise here, no?
Even an Indian blogger would've dedicated a couple of paragraphs to the snoozy horse who took the Morkels, Langevalts (whatever it is) and co to a cricket meathouse and did in a manner what very few in ODI history have done. And knowing the owner of the blog is one of the sincerest Razzler fans I've come across, I'm disappointed.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Masuud... The bowling attack is definitely NOT 100% halal for the ODIs. It does contain the element of Langefat(see huggability ranking, he ain't bad but I can't stand him), while the element of Theron was badly missing, as we all could witness. It still went well in the first ODI but it doesn't mean I approved of it, there was an inner grump because Rusty had played the ODIs against ZIM and even got a MOTM there, and bowled so well in the T20s. But I thought it would be too annoying if I started ranting about it again. So his absence was more or less tolerated because of the victory in the first ODI. But the absence of Smith worsened the situation, Albie for Fatboy was a schnapps idea, and combined with Fawad's foundation, Afridi's almost50 and Razzaq's rampage the SAF bowling exposed its weaknesses.

Secondly this is not a match report (obviously), just some random thoughts I quickly boshed out after the match, just my main thoughts.

Thirdly, we obviously have entirely different ideas of worship. While I prefer the utmost submissive gesture (see post) you obviously appreciate three pages of tl;dr, I admit this is my style pretty often but I don't actually like it, and it also reflects in the low number of comments that people can't get bothered to actually read these novels. In fact sometimes I encounter comments that clearly indicate in a pretty embarrassing manner that the post hasn't been read, just the headline. Also, the infinite eulogies on Razz is what every other blog did, even the Indians, as you correctly noted; I hate being the 27th to do the same, nobody wants to read that...

Fourthly, I had already made an extra special paragraph about him in the Finals Day post (Friends Provident T20), when probably no one else could be arsed.

Don't worry, words are just words. Those who are shouting incoherent shit in capslock today will have complete amnesia as soon as Afridi makes his next six. It has always been like that and will always be like this (read the Razzaq post at Bored Cricket Crazy Indians, sums it up perfectly). But I will be smiling quietly and watching the FPT20 Finals Day highlights :D

Fifthly... you actually know me well enough to know all this hehe.