28 November 2010

Alright, sucks.

Ashes Test 1 Day 4


Gahhhhhhh. Oz have classically given it away here. And fielding like the English will not help either.

The chant is now "drop Mitch", well the chant has been that since the match started. Today I have heard a very interesting opinion from Australia: lose this series painfully so that the selectors realise that they have to clean out the stables. "Old and crap" were the words used for the players, even Clarke. It also included the suggestion that rather the newbs should get battered and gather experience than the olds stalling the trek any longer.

Aiden fukn Blizzard.   (c) Getty Images
However. Ferguson failed again in both innings of the current Shield match. Just to put this into perspective: Dan frickn Christian made 93, Graham Manou made 77 and Aiden Blizzard even got another ton; he is currently hogging a first class average of 56.33. No joke. Still funny.

Let me quickly elaborate on this, the Redbacks were bowled out for an absolutely unacceptable 55 in their first innings, were made follow on and put 416 on the board. Sorry for the offtopic, couldn't leave this unmentioned.

I am not aware of Khawaja's faring in the NSW game. Ah I just looked up... 17. Umm. Who else was in the contention? Hughes. Battered the WA openers, then got out in the 40s. I still think that my George Bailey idea is rather good... but his average isn't. Well it's better than Fergs' 35.69 (compare ODIs 46.07), of who I think he isn't ready yet.

Bowling-wise... phewww. With North being the only one to pick up a wicket it leaves you really without any clues. Harris would be handy, he and Klint are doing well in the VIC-QLD clash. Not sure if Mitch will ever be good again. There are useful fast bowlers in a few state teams, I think Trent Copeland (avg. 17.46 albeit from eight matches only) and Luke Butterworth (avg. 26.10) perhaps range in this category and could provide a bit of Tremlett sparkle, but fork knows if they can handle playing Tests. But the next in line is probably Bolly anyway, should be fit soon again.

Now, what's the plan: Strauss declares with a lead of 100 and Australia will try not to get out for 25.  With Katich and Clarke injured, and Punter and North ditto, just minus the injuries, that could be a stiff task.

The next Test will take place in Adelaide and I have no clue how they are supposed to take wickets there if they can't take any in Brisbane. 

Too tired to think,

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Mudassar Ijaz said...

this is my comeback comment 4 second inning :P

yeah it was boring, felt like ashes has not started yet. I woke up early just to annoy my wife to watch some sessions but it was disappointing, neither she was annoyed nor the match was interesting :D