16 November 2010

A brilliant plan for Cossy's county future!

Currently recovering from the shock that Mark Cosgrove has basically been kicked in the arse by Glamorgan, as they decided to pouch Alviro Petersen as their overseas player next season and thussishly also kicked Jamie Dalrymple in the backside stripping him of the leadership. Now Cossy could only play for Glam in the T20... Ahhh frick this!

The grapevine rumours that he might be in friendly talks with either Yorkshire or Derbyshire... Derby would be borderline already, but I'd probably put them on the radar then. BUT!!! The mere idea of him exposing his soft lucky belly to Yorks makes me bring up my last meal again!

Mark Cosgrove during the CC match of  Glamorgan v Worcestershire at Colwyn Bay, August 2010,  (c) EyeJay/ The Steel Daffodil

So because of this, and before it's too late, I will now present to you my idea of the century, if not millennium:

Cosgrove for Hampshire!!!

Yeah you are allowed to call me Einstein, I came up with this all on my own! Slug looks like jilting Hamps anyway, and I can't see them sign Dan frickn Christian / Hughesless again for next season; and although Middlesex haven't signed an overseas player yet I think he doesn't quite fit into the London bunch... and, Jesus, Cossy all wrapped in pink.... shudder... I will not even start imagining the banter!

The Hamps kit on the other hand would suit him excellently; the fans like a funny, confident but mighty and capable player like Corker for instance, and if you think of a Cosgrove/Adams partnership to open the long format games you will drool yourself to death, I won't even start raving about the T20 now. The rest gets all pushed one slot down the order if necessary, and Hampshire's CC-title is safe! :D

*bows down* *waves benevolently into the crowd*
Thank you, thank you.


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