5 November 2010

Heat, Sand And Germans: ICC WCL 8

Hello my friends,

Germany are playing again and I am already getting a bit twitchy! Tomorrow starts the ICC World Cricket League 8 for our heroes, and we will have to prove our talent in hot Kuwait this time. Almost all of the players who played in the Euro Div 2 have travelled to Kuwait, but pitifully James Eggleston had to withdraw, and will get replaced by Farooq Ahmed, the seasoned allrounder. We also welcome newbie Dilshan Rajudeen to the squad; he starts his international career right with a baptism of fire, but equipped with such an iconic name he is sure going to take the world by storm :D

Cricinfo will be covering the matches, so if you want to keep an eye on our progress have a look here: ICC WCL 8 fixtures

Our competitors will be:
Bhutan, the Bahamas, Gibraltar (hello again), the hosts Kuwait, as well as Suriname, Vanuatu and Zambia.

I've found a couple of audio files on the ICC website, here's an interview with New Zealand umpire Tony Hill, who will be by far the most experienced of the the umpires in the tournament; and you can also listen to some team representatives talking about the preparation of their sides, expectations for the WCL 8, how the teams are going to deal with the high temperatures, and which players to watch out for:

- The confident Vanuatu coach Mark Coles describes his players as having "flair" (I immediately thought of Chris Gayle hehe).

- Gibraltar's wonderful skipper Christian Rocca hopes that GIB can compensate their unavailable key players, and make an impact after Gibraltar's disastrous performance in the Euro Div 2.

- Zambia's captain Sarfraz Patel thinks that the winners of the African Div 2 can surprise the opponents. BTW If you looked closely at the audience in one of the recent Pakistan-South Africa matches you could spot the excited Zambians in the crowd.

And if you are interested to learn about the obstacles and hindrances an amateur team like Germany has to overcome ahead of an international competition you should check out this detailed interview with German skipper Asif Khan, he gives you an impression of how difficult it is to actually train together and to arrange holidays for the long stay abroad.

The German squad: 
Asif Khan*, Satyanarayana Srinivas , Rawat Tarun, Shakeel Hassan, Khalid Butt, Kashif Haider, Ehsan Latif, Rana-Javed Iqbal, Shafraz Samsudeen, Dilshan Rajudeen, Milan Fernando, Rishi Pillai, Andre Leslie, Farooq Ahmed

Group stage:
We will start off in Group B with Gibraltar, Zambia and the Bahamas; of course I hope that both Germany and Gibraltar can advance to the semis. So on Saturday at 5:15 am GMT we will tackle the Zambians, while Gibraltar take the Bahamas on the horns.

Go the G-Forces! Go Europe!



Masuud said...

Go go Deutschland! 7-8 Pakistani descent and I guess the captain too. They're mopping up the rest I bet in no time. Destined for greater things, you just see ;)

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

I'm afraid the skipper is from India :P but yes the Pakistanis certainly dominate the team! I hope we will do well and not crumble to dust in the heat, thank you!

Rishabh said...

So is it in Kuwait or the UAE? :S

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Kuwait of course. Pardon me, I tinkered with the text during the Saffa match, did already remove a "Dubai" that had slipped in but the UAE escaped me somehow. Thanks Rishi, night