4 November 2010

Hobart Hillbillies?

So the cat was let out of the sack, the Australian Big Bash shall from next season on consist of eight city teams, with private stakeholders being allowed shares of up to 33%. So IPL comes to Oz. Although, with hindsight, it was probably inevitable, as King Sutherland's main concern are the royal treasuries and the mountains of gold inside them.

I generally don't oppose the idea of city teams, as it gives regions like Capital Territory and the Northlands, which are not quite as dead in terms of cricket as you may think, a chance to put their name on the map. Perhaps we are also going to see some new east coast team like in the AFL. But the rumoured draft system makes you suspect that for instance Klutz Haddin might end up in Adelaide and Taito in Melbourne.

The lethargic Redbacks supporters will probably not even realise it, the Quoinslanders have got used to getting plundered, the well-mannered NSWers would perhaps gently oppose the unfamiliar arteriotomy, WA should theoretically be happy to get rid of some of their bores, and TAS will take what comes their way and turn it into a man; but the militant Vics might blow something up, if one of their homebreds is forced to leave the state.

However, nothing is eaten as hot as it's cooked, here's a list of the most likely Big Bash participants of 2011/12:
Adelaide Adorables, Brisbane Baredevils, Canberra Cream Puffs, Darwin Darlings, Hobart Hunks, Melbourne Moobsters, Perth Pattycakes, Sydney Sooks.

So yeah I will of course stick to the Adorables, with Hobart as a secondary option if the SAns drive me into alcoholism, and if Canberra gets a team it will be on auto-support anyway provided they don't pick Ryan Harris or any other prehistoric bipeds. Should none of these teams manage to avoid total humiliation there is always the formerly baby blue option to fall back on.

Hmm and here's something alarming, the last paragraph of the article linked above begins with the following words:

"While there are expectations the other two domestic competitions will be cut back..."

The current state of Australian Test cricket does not suggest that the Shield should be tinkered with in any way, but if you ask Sutherland what Test cricket is he'd probably reply something like "an insect in a laboratory".

The people of Australia must arise and stand up against this. Dethrone the tyrant king!



Sidthegnomenator said...

The Melbourne Moobsters - that's so perfect, I nearly cried. Not sure about the pattycakes, though ...

"but the militant Vics might blow something up, if one of their homebreds is forced to leave the state." They ought to get used to it, our homebreds have been leaving WA for years ... ooh, one of our favourites went to Victoria actually.

Bloody Vics.

Go the mighty Patties!!!

Rishabh said...

So there's going to be foreign player caps and stuff? Less than the IPL's four, I'd imagine. Aussie players are better anyway.

Jonathan said...

This has been pretty openly in the plans since the talks with CSA for a "southern premier league" fell through.

Anyway, the mountains of gold aren't too big in Darwin, so I don't think that one won't fly. Perhaps even Carins woudl be more likely. Our belovedly boring capital will be fighting with Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Geelong and so on, too...

bettiwettiwoo said...

Sydney Sooks?! Not talking to you anymore! ;P

Very much doubt a team in Darwin, darlings nor not.

IIRC, two foreign players are allowed on the field in KFC BigBash; don't know if they're looking to change that to allow more, but wouldn't be at all surprised if they did.

Mykuhl said...

Is it going to increase the farcical situation where Lee, Vettori, Symonds and McCullum all play for one team in Australia, one team in NZ, one team in England and one team in India?

PinkyWill said...

If Cosgrove doesn't play for the moobsters, they should shut down the league...

Not sure if I'm supporting the whole franchise idea - was talk of it in England couple of years back (which didn't happen) and of course the IPL (which did)... Players would want to play for their "home" team - not many Tassie players would want to go and play up in the norf. They'd be better off having two teams per state to create a bit of rivalry / local competition as well as an alternative to players getting shifted all over the country... But are there enough players in Aus? Haven't really thought it through!



Masuud said...

You very well know what my question would be for, so is there any hint of the daddy badass mofo doing a star appearance once again?

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Thanks Betty and Sid for more or less liking the new names of your teams :D

Hello Masuud and Rishi, no clue about the big bad wolf, will let you know once the contracts are signed!

Mykuhl I am sure the teams will still be recognisable.

Jonathan that "most likely" list will most likely *not* look like this ;)

Will... Cossy might end up in Adelaide again tehehehe.