23 November 2010

New Kids On The Blog!

Soon, soon my friends! It hasn't started yet! Thus I would like to use the remaining time to introduce some new cricket blogs to you that caught my eye in the last weeks.

Let's start with Clear Cricket.

The website is a collaborative work by Josh Taylor (Hants And What Not) and Subash Jayaraman (The Cricket Couch), who invited more than a dozen cricket writers to publish articles on this platform and thus create a pool of cricket-related opinions for anyone who can't get bothered to read 100 trivial blogs (like this one) each day and who wants concentrated, well-founded views on all thinkable aspects of the beautiful game.

Let me quote their "About" section:
We’re about putting forward honest, non-regulated and at times brutally critical opinions, delivered straight from full time cricket lovers. Frustrated with the watered down, predictable content written by journalists and ex players, Clear Cricket sets out to find the true voice of the cricket fan.
Big words for a big goal, and they are on a good way to achieving it, head over and see for yourself!

Masuud Qazi, our bubbling fountain of Pak joy, has finally started his own blog! Those of you who know Masuud will have a certain idea of what awaits them, and all others will find out soon :D No seriously, he is a very well-spoken blogger.

The name of the blog is Bloody Cricket; it is actually way longer but everybody just calls it Bloody Cricket so I'll stick to that. Masuud takes no prisoners, always speaks his mind. You want his opinion? You'll get it. He has also contributed an epic eulogy on Younis Khan at Clear Cricket already.

So if you feel like dancing to some chin music, check out Bloody Cricket!

Next up we have The Randwick End, a new Aussie blog written by Dragonpunk, who some of you may know as a regular contributor to Ian's Baggy Green Blog. Dragonpunk is a passionate New South Wales Blues supporter and contrary to what his nickname might imply he's a really kind bloke ;)

You may expect increased posting activities on his blog during the Ashes, so keep an eye on it!

Last but not least there is a new Glamorgan blog out, it is called | turnandbounce | and run by Pete Hayman.

Pete has taken up blogging again after a longish break, the current turmoil at the Glamorgan CCC inspired him to write down some very clear views on the respective events and naturally I support his stance in particular in terms of a certain chubby, formerly South Australian batsman.

I hope Pete continues the good work, he's definitely one to keep on the radar!

You can find these blogs and authors on the common social networks:


Clear Cricket Josh Taylor Subash Jayaraman
Masuud Qazi
Dragonpunk The Baggy Green Blog
Pete Hayman


Clear Cricket (page) Clear Cricket (profile) The Cricket Couch
Masuud Qazi

That's it for today!

Onward my little steed, towards regaining the Ashes! :P



Masuud said...

Cheers for this, champ! Makes my day :o)

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

My pleasure! Had fun writing it ^^