17 November 2010

Oh Steve

Australia A v England XI
New South Wales Blues v Tasmanian Tigers
Victorian Bushrangers v Western Warriors

Ponting (7), Hussey (0 off 18), North (17), Watson (6), Katich (1), Haddin (10), Khawaja (13), Ferguson (7),
White (5), Hughes (2)

Steven Smith (56)
Steve O'Keefe (66)

I rest my case.

No, not yet.

Legsmith and SoK reach their fifties  (c) Getty Images
God they were so awesome. Most of you probably know how it feels when you put all your faith in one player and there is no chance, not in this life or the next, that you would ever apostatise, you just know that he is going to cut it, and then he grabs his chance with both hands and feet and doesn't let go, as if to reward your faith and your trust. It made me cringe to hear how the entire babble machinery, in particular the Australian legation, knew bugger all about O'Keefe's batting talent and was completely caught by surprise.

SoK batted very sensibly, presented his broad range of skills from masterfully catapulting Tim Bresnan and Monty Panesar into the stands and beyond, to lightning-quick running between the wickets, and kept the tailenders alive, so that he could accomplish his task. Earlier on he had shared a wonderful partnership with the Legsmith, who keeps proving his class with the bat time and time again; I needn't tell you what an entertaining batsman Smithy is, nearly all of his shots give you a reason to cheer your head off and you catch yourself worshipping and jubilating... rejoice! For the Legsmith shall not disappoint! Lovely gutsy and able player. These two, and a beautifully stubborn donkey innings by the good Tim Paine, saved Australia from complete humiliation.

Of course I hope he and Legsmith will be in the wickets tonight, he has already caught Strauss. It might be that the English smash them around a bit but who cares... the point has already been proven. These two noodleheads have easily outscored any other so-called specialist batsmen in "The 17", in fact, SoK scored more runs than all of them combined. And oh yeah I nearly forgot to mention that Mitchell "Sachin" Johnson is on 82 not out with his bud Adam Voges (91*) partnering him for parallel tons tomorrow, if all goes well.

Take that, Hildy of Evil!
I would like to sincerely apologise to everyone who saw this post coming. You have to admit that it is justified!

But! Chris Tremlett took four. I bet none of you saw me lauding this! The gentle ex-Hampser should feel confirmed and encouraged; after a great season with coughcoughsurreycoughcough it is pretty cool to see him getting his job done so impressively. Go Chris, flower and prosper! As long as you don't cost Oz any matches.


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