25 November 2010

Siddle happily mawing away

Ashes Test 1 Day 1

Peter Siddle speaking about his hat-trick... and his birthday... and Xavier Doherty!

Sorry I don't have time for more... But happy Pete makes up for that I think!



Rishabh said...

Whadda champ. I just expected him to walk back into the side and do well, and he goes one better!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Well he would certainly not stuff up, that's for sure. Can't remember him being really shite at any time (unlike... ahem...lol)
However, now the rumour goes one could theoretically drop Mitch for Bolly. That would certainly be interesting.

Rishabh said...

Mitch for Bolly? On bowling performance, yes, but considering the Aus middle order Mitch is very crucial with the bat. Like if Haddin gets out early today and someone needs to bat with Huss...