27 November 2010

Stupid Hussey

Ashes Test 1 Day 3


Hussey (195)
Needn't discuss that, too stupid to make five runs, wasted everybody's time, should've dropped him a year ago, North (1) at least had the spine to march back right away.

Haddin (136)
Well I reckon you can't expect a big score from the Klutz.

How to fix the bowling if Mitch keeps spraying about:

Mitch out, Bolly in.
Rishabh argued that this method would leave a hole in the lower batting order. Don't worry Rish. Putting O'Keefe in for Doherty should solve the problem twice and thrice. No offence X, I know you're gonna take wickets.

Here's Rishabh's cricket blog: The Adventures Of Billy The Worm

Well well. Been showing too many Surrey videos as of late so here's a Middlesex one, Steven Finn speaks after his 6fer:



Lou said...

Mitch scores so many ducks I can't see that he will make that much difference. His batting nearly all the time as his bowling is about 50% of the time.

Such a shame that the Hussman couldn't get a 200. He deserved one.

I hope that this ODI attitude of him going for his shots continues as watching him scratch around like an old hen is poison, both for me and for him.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Hello Lou, he obviously got out in the nervous 190s ^^

Sidthegnomenator said...

"Mitch out/Bolly in" it seems to be the chant at the moment, and I second the notion. Funny thing is, a few days back we all wanted "Siddle out/Bolly in".

Ain't cricket a funny game?

Who'd have thunk North would be the only one to get a wicket on Day 4, just when we had all scrubbed his name off the team sheet and written in Ferguson?

For the record, I still think we should lose North and try Fergie.