18 November 2010

The Three Little Tims

Tim #1
Tim Linley reviews André Agassi's autobiography.
Tim is one of these little things I like can tolerate about Surrey...
Didn't know, though, that he's such a cheesecake hehe!

Tim #2
Tim Southee speaks ahead of the, ahead of the, third Test between India and New Zealand.
He's quite a bit, quite a bit, excited, hmm?

Tim #3
Tim Paine & 300 other Aussie players guess the name of the first Australian Prime Minister.
The usual suspects take the biscuit, each one in his very own way (Mitch LOL).
But of course certain others are among the knowers B)



Rich said...

Cannot get over Shaun Tait's answer to the prime minister question! Incredible!

Sidthegnomenator said...

Not Tim Nielsen, no? Of course not, he's too busy publicly supporting Nathan Hauritz as Australia's first choice spinner.

Lying git.

Johnson is not very smart, is he? He even rubs his head, it's like a cartoon character.

Lou said...

I love Johnson. He's like the dumb brunette of the team, should just keep his mouth shut and look pretty.

Phil Hughes was hilarious. Getting warmer, getting warmer...

I am so unsurprised that Kat (and eventually Paine) got it right.

I wonder what that dumbo Clarke would have said.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Simon is extremely smart, I'm not at all surprised he knew it.