7 December 2010

Bad cricket all areas...

... as Mo Yousuf puts it (click the Mentor page at the top to listen to this particular interview).

Ashes Test 2 Day 4/5


Well I won't lose many words about this disaster. Basically the scorecard sums it all up.

Katich out is the blow of blows, because I can't think of any guy who is steady enough to open the batting. While there is a reasonable choice of players to replace North, especially CAMERON WHITE, I share the fear uttered by others that North's place is safe once more due to Katich's injury.

It is WRONG.

Australia's man for all formats
The lineup has to be as follows:

Watto, magical opener No. 2 (preferably Uzzy but they will go for Hughes), Michael Clarke, Mike Hussey, Cameron White*, Brad Haddin, Steven Smith, Nathan Hauritz, Peter Siddle/Ryan Harris, Ben Hilfenhaus, Dougie Bollinger/Peter George

This week's Shield and England XI matches  (NSW v SA, Vic v Eng XI) will determine or at least influence the selection I hope. Gonna talk a bit more about them tomorrow or so. I am also totally clueless about the fast bowlers but I think Bolly might be a good pick.

Well basically the selectors have two choices. Stick with the old crap or try and win the series at the risk of the new players getting mauled. England will bounce their arses off and while Stuart Broad's absence will pain them for a bit it is not like they didn't have any proper replacements to pick from (Tremlett... sigh). 

Not sure if the Australians have such bowlers on offer, there are rumours about Trent Copeland, though, which is quite a fascinating idea, but I am not sure if he can live up to the hype; and the difference between the two batting line-ups is obvious.

So the big task is to prevent England from going to 500-1, and then to make it past 300 oneself or clinch a low-scoring thriller if it has to be. I still can't see Oz take 20 wickets, bounce or not. But the wise heads in the ivory towers are sure going to decide well. NO.

On the last two match days, well, if for a draw you rely on rain in the morning, in an area where it only rains after 3 pm on a sunny day, you can basically also shake hands with the opponent and agree on your defeat and give your players an additional day of rest. Clarke deserves to get spanked on the naked butt with stinging nettles. For many many hours.

Horribly distracted by the Kiwi match, therefore proclaiming stumps for today,



likeatracerbullet said...

i agree with your team for the next test, except for smith. don't you think they can try o'keefe instead? and they need to keep trust in the present pace attack...if they can't take wickets, i doubt if anybody else can..

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Hello tracerbullet, I'm the greatest Keef supporter on the nearside and farside of the equator. He was a part of my line-up about three or so posts ago, but seeing how they tore Doherty to shreds, who has way more experience under his belt than Keef with his 10 first class matches, I'm not so sure anymore. The guy is a tremendous talent and at present my biggest bandwagon, and yes in the given circumstances he also did exceptionally well in the match against the Eng XI, but perhaps I became a bit protective about him...

Masuud said...

Axing Punter atm would be foolish and obviously not possible. The less said, the better on this topic.

As for going in with two spinners, not a chance. Perth can never accept two regulars. Its Haury boy's time, lets give Poms some more club level practice. North has to go out, if not this time, then surely this is Oz cricket at its worst ever to be witnessed. Either Khawaja or White for him, preferably Khawaja.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

I don't think it is foolish to lose of someone who is completely out of ideas, ruins the bowlers and is in subzero form with the bat, hence on the best way of losing the Ashes a third time. White has led the Vics to two state titles and several finals, I think he also skippered Somerset fairly successfully. He is regarded by many as a much better future option than Clarke. How Khawaja, who has no international experience, is preferable over him, I cannot quite see, but I am sure you will have your reasons :)
A common misconception is also to assume Steven Smith is included as a spinner. He is not.