14 December 2010

The Coach Departs

It is really messing with my head that all coaches-formerly-wicketkeepers from South Australia do not only enjoy rather limited success with their teams but also look the same. Mark Sorell totally looks like Tim Nielsen, and once Graham Manou turns 40 and takes up coaching duties he will look like Mark Sorell. Is there a nest somewhere?

Alright this is not the problem I was going to talk about. Sorell has been told that his contract would not get extended, and has thus stepped down as coach with immediate effect. He will be replaced by his assistant Jeff Vaughan.

While Sorell may not have turned out to be the man that leads the Redbacks from triumph to triumph I would like to note that despite a couple of disappointing defeats the Redbacks have made their mark this season already, not only through their impressive performance at the Champions League but also at domestic level. They have celebrated some stunning victories against the best Australian teams, which is particularly remarkable if you consider their lack of national players, and it underlines their exemplary team work and fighting spirit, but also the smart acquisition policies of the board.

However, given the potential I see in the side (through my rose tinted glasses that is) perhaps a different coach could tickle just another bit of performance out of the guys, especially in terms of consistency, to help them thrive permanently.

Interestingly, Tim Nielsen's coaching activities have come under scrutiny as well, but the problems surrounding the Australian team reach far deeper into the web of conservationism (read: methatesiophobia), dodgy selections, Punterism and incomprehensible priorities.

One player who should definitely be a part of Australia's future has delivered a remarkable knock against the Redbacks in the recent Ryobi Cup match*, his name is Usman Khawaja  -you may have heard of him already^^ -  and he plays for the NSW Blues. Watch this video of his maiden One Day ton and enjoy some of his nifty shots:

*I promise this is the third and last time that I mention this match! Here's the first time, i.e. the match post, and here is some other irrelevant video about some other irrelevant player you totally shouldn't put on your watchlist ;)



Sidthegnomenator said...

I hope you're right about Usman - he deserves a chance. Australia's batsmen have been so awful, we must continue to speculate about a complete revamp once the Ashes are officially lost.

Bring on Usman, White, Ferguson and O'Keefe!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

No don't burn O'Keefe. Play him in the ODIs