8 December 2010

Hauritz in for North, North in for Hauritz

There, I said it :P

NSW Blues v Redbacks (Shield) Day 2


Nathan Hauritz 126*

I will not imply that he scored his maiden century because he was

a) playing against the Redbacks, who were

b) two men down (leading wicket taker Ben Edmondson with a kaputt hamstring and keeper Manou with a broken toe) on a

c) sunny, perfect batting day,

but because...

Nathan Hauritz is God.


Welcome back to the Test bunch, Ritz.



Jonathan said...

So what was so different about the batting conditions on Tuesday?

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

How would I know, I wasn't there?

likeatracerbullet said...

wow..the picture makes him out to be so angelic..a sign from above?

Jonathan said...

Now he's cleaned up the tail... time to chase the 6 points.