28 December 2010

Kiwis save the day again

(c) Smithsonian's National Zoo
Thank you for that, my brown, soft-furred, potato-shaped, long-beaked, clumsy-footed friends from New Sheepland!

New Zealand v Pakistan T20 II

While Oz are inevitably sinking down, the roundbutted little walking birds have just sealed the T20 series against "the greatest T20 team of all time and eternal T20 World Cup champions" Pakistan. I am not gloating or anything.

OK perhaps at Afridi's six-and-out contribution. HAHAHA.


However, the Pak batting was atrocious, except for Mohammad Hafeez, who is establishing himself at the top of the order and has turned out to be one of the most valuable pieces of the difficult post-noball-gate puzzle. I've also heard rumours that Afridi's captaincy is in question for the World Cup. Well if you thought Australia were having problems with the leading role, look at Pakistan, where the captaincy is more or less a ride in the ejection seat. 

On the bowling front this time it was Nathan McCullum who set Pakistan their limits; four scalps and the catches of both of the two Southee wickets probably earned him the MOTM. Batting-wise non of the Kiwis stuck out, almost all of them got some runs on the board, in particular with Martin Guptill and James Franklin keeping on blossoming, so perhaps dropping the three newbies and replacing them with old warhorses was not the worst idea. There is also a new guy called Woodcock in the line-up, he's a sla and bowled very tidily, so I will need to investigate this matter further.

I am being horribly distracted and will thusly conclude this post with the note that New Zealand have hereby won the T20 series against Pakistan, with one dead rubber left for the Pakistanis to save their faces. I think, though, as soon as Azhar Ali comes into play the cards will be reshuffled! :P 

Cheers and thank you for the bird,


Mudassar Ijaz said...

ah So much for Azhar Ali, well what can he do alone if no one else will like to help him? But no doubt he has provided some meaning to the clueless Pakistani batting order.

Anyways test series is going to be interesting like last year but if we had Aamer and Asif, Bond and IOB it would have been awesome to watch. :P

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Maddy he (Azhar) isn't playing in the T20s hence my saying that as soon as he comes into play things will look a little bit different :P
Ah well Pak won the dead rubber, shock implosion from the Kiwis. I smell some momentum here :P