26 December 2010

My brain is sore, but Southee soothes

Ashes Test 4 Day 1

98 all out, 157-0. Thanks for nothing, I thoroughly enjoyed it. But Mitchell Johnson is one useful player. Watch this:

Too bloody tired, annoyed and disappointed to write a proper post... especially as in this place you should actually be reading a laudation on Tim Southee's phenomenal bowling figures in the first T20 between New Zealand and Pakistan!!!

The Spring Goddess goes wheeeeeeeeeee!   (c) Getty Images

New Zealand v Pakistan T20 I

Don't you dare rant about the umpire. Well okay you can rant but nevertheless NZ won rightfully. I am also absolutely delighted to report Martin Guptill's recovery from total shitness to guptastic! He had picked up some motivation in India, let's hope he can keep up his good form somehow. Go Seventoes!

Chrrrrzzzzzzzzzzz *falls asnooze again*


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