19 December 2010

Oh Yes, They Can!

.... but can they repeat it?

Ashes Test 3 Day 4

Seems my lunch estimation was a bit generous, England's last five wickets fell within the space of one hour.  

The Yeti boy hadn't got any brekkie and was so hungry that he just boxed the Poms over and raced into the canteen, finishing with 6-47. Good job Ryano. I like how he took the responsibly onto himself for the second innings, after Mitch had done the work in the first.

Apologies to our dear Watto, who I completely forgot to mention yesterday. His 90 odd were essential in building Australia's match-winning total. Well I knew his time was up when he crossed the 80 runs mark, but ah well. He has served the interest of team exceptionally well (sorry for this awful Straussism).

Speaking of who: here's his post-match press conference, presented by CATV. I love that the Aussies provide the public with these extended presser videos. Check out their Youtube profile, there are also two Tremletts, and of course Punter, Watto, Siddle, Mitch and so on and so on.

You must listen to this!
A raging mad Geoffrey Boycott mauls Stuart Broad for his hollow platitudes in the TMS post-match discussion and bashes England's shitty bowling in the second innings and their weakness on bouncy pitches. Marvellous. The file will only be up for a few days so make sure you save it to your computer (right-click the link > save target as...)


Melbourne. I still think it is a bit too early to speak about it, but if Aus really retain the squad I see darkness all around. First of all we can't rely on Mitch firing in Melbourne as he did in Perth, although Sky was obviously asked to reposition the cameras viewing the pitch, so the English expect a few changes to the deck. 

I can't see how persisting with Hughes will help the batting cause. They should pick at least one local boy for the MCG, the Vics have enough guys who will make more runs than Hughes, although I am still hoping for a little wonder, but this hope has faded almost entirely. Punter is hampered by the finger injury, Clarke is shit, and Smithy won't make 300 on his own. 

Bowling-wise Siddle is in the discussion, but if they stick with Beer they might as well go in with the same team as at the WACA. We shall see. Interestingly, if Siddle gets dropped there won't be a single Victorian playing on home soil (not sure what to make of Beer's absolutely non-existing first-class experience there on which Punter keeps harping; I am against playing him at all).

Tomorrow I'll finally be able to make my Shield post (the NSWers obviously take a little longer... snails!) And by god it will include a rant of epic proportions and I do not mean the Redbacks result!!!


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Lou said...

Honestly, I reckon they could play four pacers and a spin bowler. All they need to do is drop Hughes and open with Siddle or even Johnson while his confidence is up.

That way they get what they want and won't lose out on the runs anyway.

I have a vague thought that Clarke will come good at the MCG.