20 December 2010

RitzBlitz, SuperCooper, SOKRock, Bossgrove

Good ol' Shield...

Steve O'Keefe took 3 within four balls (c) Getty Images

NSW Blues v Queensland Bulls

The match is still not finished and it might peter out in a draw pitifully, as the NSW Blues still have to take 10 wickets tomorrow. However. Nathan Hauritz underlines his explosive current batting form with just another century, after he had made his maiden Shield ton in the previous match. WHOA, anyone? His bowling is coming along well, too. I neither can nor will understand why Beerboy is retained for the Boxing squad. They can't ignore Hauritz??? Not only could he provide some steady spin bowling, but I can also see him make at least 30, if not more, with the bat. Impossible in the case of Beer, who has also remained wicketless in the Shield. Before Perth, even before Adelaide, when it became apparent that Doherty  wouldn't cut it at Test level, there was comprehensive frowning upon the omission of Hauritz, and the further we progress into the series, the less I get why he is still being ignored. One can feel a nice little rage starting to emerge and slowly beginning to boil!

Last euronight Steve O'Keefe took three wickets in the space of four balls. Oh SOK you embodiment of the Christmas spirit! He later on got hit on the ankle and needed treatment, but kept on bowling afterwards, so I hope it's nothing too bad.

The kid Nic Maddinson produced an impressive ton in NSW's first innings, but even Trent Copeland made 53, so... haha no I am not belittling Nic's  and Ritz's fantastic efforts! ;)  Wishing the Blues good luck for tonight, finish it in style!

Redbacks v Bushrangers
Ah well.

But Dan Christian fielded like a demon, with four catches and a wicket in the first innings, among these also the odd ripper, and Tom Cooper is maturing into a great opener, fending the Victorian attack off for the duration of 53 runs each! Makes me proud, as I have always believed in him hehe. Tom Moffat is proof for the immeasurable dumbness of the decision to axe Mark Cosgrove. Ben Edmondson deserves the attribute "our good", 5-93 in the first innings highlights his class.

If anybody could tell me why Aaron Finch found it necessary to damage the ball, while his team was obviously on the best way to inflict a drubbing on the opponent, I would be very thankful. Not a smart move from the Victorian master blaster.

Mark Cosgrove bats for Tasmania  (c) Getty Images
Tasmanian Tigers v Western Warriors
Select Cosgrove. 

Without his ton in the first innings the match result could have looked entirely different. Hence he also deserved to rush his team home with an unbeaten 86 in the second innings, averaging around 56 now for Tassie in the Shield. Oh Cossy! Cricket Tasmania called him the "maestro" already.

Apart from that James Faulkner and Luke Butterworth (7-92 and a runout!!!) continue to slide towards the top of my urgent watch list. Butterworth was just absolutely lethal. Put that into your head!

As mentioned above Michael Beer couldn't take any wickets, and Xavier Doherty managed just one. It's not the spinniest wicket of all times there at the Bellerive Oval, though.

That's it folks. Fingers crossed for the Blues.



Sidthegnomenator said...

We need Hauritz back at least for Sydney, but they won't do it. Unless I pay Ponting to throw Melbourne and they get desperate ... Ponting? Why would I pay Ponting? He's gonna do his best to throw it just by showing up. I should pay Mussey ...

I think I might love O'Keefe.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

NOOOOO don't love him! The people you love all turn shit (Clarke) or get axed and never get selected again (Ritz)!! You will bring doom upon SOK!! NOOOOOOoooooo.......

Sidthegnomenator said...

You know, I swear I wrote a response to this ...

I must be going mad.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

The Grinch has eaten it!!! :P