5 December 2010

Stop The Madness!

Ashes Test 2 Day 3

Stop throwing buckets of form after Pietersen!
Stop believing Nathan Hauritz will magically provide 400 runs/innings and take 20 wickets!
Stop piling the blame for the sorry state of Australian cricket on poor old Xavier Doherty!

Don't bash the X-Man   (c) Getty Images
At present Oz can neither bowl nor bat, barring Hussey, Haddin, Harris and Wat. And this condition was the reason for picking Doherty, not the effect of it. Doherty is certainly putting his all into his performance, his limits showing is not his fault, his first-class average was out there in the tables for everyone to see, in particular the responsibles. They weighed a respectable average (O'Keefe) against experience (Doherty) and decided, I must admit understandably, in favour of the latter. However, it would be wise to take him out of the firing line and send him on a five star holiday in the Caribbean, before he turns to alcohol.

So we're expecting more line-up changes for the third Test of course. A possible return of the Ritz? Because I seriously don't want another inexperienced spinner like O'Keefe to get mauled. Leave his inclusion for after the Ashes, try him out in the ODIs perhaps, give him a proper build-up before he gets thrown into the Ashes bone mill.

The grapevine murmurs of the Legsmith, because stubbornness may prevent a Ritz. The mere thought of trying to replace Doherty with Smithy makes me clench my face. This is only going to work if you push North down the order and use him as your frontline spinner, and play Steven in his place instead as a batsman. But I don't want the Smithkid to get torn to shreds by the Annunaki (rofl), or even Armpitface.

My plans for any line-up changes all concern the post-Ashes era, and I think some of the players will know that their time is up. My hope is that for exactly this reason we should be able to savour a couple of desperate lifesaver tons in the next say three or four Aus innings. I am especially taking North, Clarke, Katich and Punter into focus here. Yes four of the specialist batsmen. Out of who two are carrying more or less serious niggles around. There will be a week of rest until the next Test starts and we can only hope Harris is fit enough to keep playing. And then after the series... Chop(ped) Suey!


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sunny said...

It seriously is agonizing. Because of the endless spinning problems Aus are having, they'll just expect superman work from every spinner that enters....and then gets axed.

Time for Warney to jump out of the comm box.