29 December 2010

Swann, Swann tore no one apart, not yet

Ashes Test 4 Day 4

Hats off to Haddin and Siddle. Siddle will hopefully get the handful of runs he still needs to outscore Punter in this series. Congrats to the Poms, who chose the possibly worst and most disgusting song of all time for their Swann anthem...

Here's a video of England doing the sprinkler dance after the match. Contains potentially offending material, parental advisory recommended, if you are easily disturbed or under 18/21 respectively.

Now, onward to Sydney, my tattered steed. And then let's feed them 6:1 Part II, yes?
(don't even think of commenting on that!!!)

All I wish for Sydney..... (C) AFP

No I won't give up on the idea that Hauritz should get the chance to rip at his home ground. All the arguments that have been brought forth for Beer MUST apply to Ritz, and even more so as he has a bucket load of experience, has actually played plenty of matches at Sydney and is IN FORM, and he bloody deserves to play the dead rubber at least!!! Do you hear me. No probably not. They only hear the noise of the tap on the barrel and the swshshshshshsh of the cold yellow liquid gushing out....

Ahhh well.
*goes watches Kiwi highlights again*



Sandru Anandaraj said...

Add me to the peeps wishing for Haurtiz's swift return. Don't know how you can ignore a bucket load of wickets and two first class centuries in less than a month. Ritz has basically done a mini Katich* since he got the arse from the Ashes squad

*Remember that season where he belted 1600 + runs for NSW?

Sandy - The True Allrounder

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Hello Sandru... he's not in the Sydney squad :(((
What can you do... they have decided his time time is up. Fools! Thank you for your visit :)

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...

Hello Wes

Interesting outcome in this series. Never imagined it would be this easy for England.

Australia's spin options really do looked limited and I agree about your general points in regards to having Hauritz in your line up. He is the best of the lot out of available resources.

By the way. Nice to see Rana Naved doing well in the Big Bash :)

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

No doubts about Rana! Hope he can play for them at the CL if they make it! :)