2 December 2010

Things you didn't know about Adelaide

1) There will be a result on day 5. I am not fantasising or anything. The new curator said it. Despite him working with Les Burdett for 14 years, promising a typical Adelaide pitch and being widely suspected of having paved a road. Interestingly, eight of the last ten Tests played there produced a result. Provided the weather agrees with this plan we could, perhaps, be in for an interesting match. No don't say anything... he didn't cover the nets deliberately. Just to annoy the shit out of KP.

2) Adelaide has a cricket bakery. It is called "On O'Connell" and supports the Redbacks. Check it out (and click the pics on the right...), go there, have bread, and show some love for Klinger & Co! They also offer internet acess. This quote is taken from their "About" section:

Bakery On O'Connell is a unique bakery cafe, 5 minutes from the city, in the heart of the food hub of North Adelaide on busy O’Connell Street.

We pride ourselves in more than 200 products on offer including a delicious range of cakes, pastries and breads which are all hand crafted by our young professional baking team on the premises. (...)

For the tourist, we offer the opportunity to experience some of Adelaide’s iconic food in the Pie Floater and Lamington, whilst having the opportunity to use our internet facilities to catch up with family and friends back home.

Being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can come in at any time and enjoy great coffee made by our friendly staff whilst indulging in one of our many cakes on offer, or after a night out, enjoy a hot pastry straight from our pie warmer.

Proud supporters of the SA Redbacks.

3) Rundle Mall, yeah the Malls Balls and stuff, but check out the Magic Cave! Go to Santa and tell him your wishes. And don't forget to admire the utterly cute Rundle Mall Pigs Horatio, Oliver, Truffles and Augusta. Also check out Hahndorf, the "German" town, with its restaurants, cafes and delicatessen. And once you are following the trail of noms you can as well pay a visit (or two) to the Central Market. OMG. Here's the interactive stall map, click around and plan your nomfest. And have a look at the traditionally slightly disturbing Christmas lights at the West End Brewery.

No they didn't pay me for that.



Lou said...

Nice Wes. Especially the pig.

Just when I was thinking that the Warriors were actually looking better than the Redbacks this year, yes, I know it's not much but anything is better than wooden spooning, the Redbacks go and beat Tassie. What a game.

Stuff the Ashes, the Shield is where it's at this season.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Hello Lou. That was an enormous match. I think I have lost many readers because of the Redbacks madness but... it's a rollercoaster and the bright moments are so surprising... they can do miraculous things sometimes and on other occasions not get the most simple stuff done. Love them :D Of course they need to improve eventually. The imports look good, especially the two noses from Vic.
But be not afraid. Thou hast Michael Beer :D

Lou said...

Did I say Shield?

I meant the DIY competition actually.

Bloody Voges played a captain's knock AND he did it at the WACA. Mark that down as you won't see it again this year.

I'd like to thank the Bulls for being so Warrior-like in the field, butter fingers to a man and they couldn't hit a barn with a basket ball.