18 December 2010


Mitchell Johnson  (c) Mandy Seyfang

Ashes Test 3 Day 3

You go to bed for just three bloody hours and upon return you see that England have lost five wickets for 80 in their chase of 391.  I am overtired and silly in the head, the scorecard looks like a strawberry nectarine jelly cake to me. I want to eat it. So beautiful, so fruity and delicious. 

Except for these two Yeti wickets, but I'll take that. Mitch is of course still on fire. And mah boy Smithy made some runs and Mussey saved the Australian total AGAIN.

Well you would have expected that England pull the pants up and bat for their lives. Isn't happening. Alright, Bell could annoy the shit out of everyone tomorrow, i.e. tonight, and perhaps he can get a partnership going with Prior, but... if all goes right Oz will have wrapped this up by lunch.

A lot of things are being said about Strauss' captaincy, Finn's bowling and England's approach to their batting tasks, but I'll leave that to the Pom blogs.

What lies ahead of Australia is: find a replacement for Punter. He obviously has a suspected broken finger and could be out for Melbourne. It might be that he plays, though, even with a broken finger you can't score less than a duck, so it would probably not make a difference.

Hughes should get dropped, Smith will be retained.

So there have to be replacements found for Hughes and Punter. I see Khawaja and Yawn Marsh as possible candidates here, or Dussey and McDonald, if they go by experience, or White for that matter, who could also help the old mope Clarke out with the captaincy if it's not going well, although Cossy just made a ton (more on that in two days) and Coops keeps making these 50s at the top consistently, also versus the Vics ;)

Looking forward to a good night's rest



Lou said...

That picture of Mitch is a hoot.

He's such a nice-looking man but manages to look like an idiot so often. But he can do that whenever he likes if the inswinger comes visiting regularly.

Love the comment about Punter and the ducks. He'll play even if he can't hold the effing bat.

Isn't Rhino useful for the attack? Johnson can't do it on his own we all know that and he has an allergy to second innings usually so if someone else can pick up the slack...

sunny said...

My reaction to the photo: What the /@#!? BWAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Seriously, I didn't like Mitchy first (mainly because of his exploits against my Saffers) but when I discovered he was really a very simple-witted bloke I felt more for him.

And Punter SHOULD, absolutely MUST play. He hasn't done anything so far and it's time he'd get himself some runs.

Merry sleeping and dreams Wes!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Mitch has a good heart and he might be a bit naive at times.. that's probably why his sledging makes him look silly