17 December 2010

You are a meerkat now, a meerkat!

Do you guys know the Asterix movie in which Asterix and Obelix have to accomplish some crazy labours? There were a few mental tasks among these, for instance withstanding the Egyptian hypno-priest, who made people believe they were animals. I think he was practising his sinister art last night, his name is Mitchell Johnson, and he hypnotised the English into thinking they were meerkats: they raced back into the burrow at the slightest hint of danger.

KP back in the hutch, visibly exhausted from his third-ball duck   (c) JapanDave

Ashes Test 3 Day 2

Well well. Of course I had been hoping that his batting would give him the confidence fix without which he can't  even walk straight. But nobody, and by that I literally mean nobody, had expected that the gamble to call him back into the team after his horrific outing in Brisbane would pay off like this, and yes it was a gamble, with a 85% risk of suicide. I can hear the selectors patting each other on the backs basking in the pride of being the Einsteins of Australian cricket selection.

Naturally, Hughes, Punter and Clarke gave their all to keep the English in the race. Thank god Watto seems to have the plan to win this match. If he and Hussey can dig themselves in and lay the foundation for a 350 or 400 run lead and the Poms decide to go after Smithy, which is the way he gets wickets... But only two days have been played so far. It is much too early to make any predictions.

However. I am a bit overchallenged with the Johnson miracle. Can't quite wrap my head around it. Need to let it sink in. Australia's chances in this series depend on him retaining this superb form. Go Mitch!

BTW I've heard that an Australian betting provider decided to prematurely pay out the punters who had bet on an English Ashes win, so that the money would be available for Christmas. ^^


PS.  Will talk about Redbacks-Vics / Tas-WA after the matches are finished. Very interesting results on the cards I think. Well. Depending on who you support.


Lou said...

Brilliant picture.

Don't bother with the Tas v WA match. The Warriors are killing me this season. And now I don't want David Bandy to do well as he has taken Marsh the younger's spot.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Ohhh I do bother. 186 runs by the big man. Oh yes I do bother :D

Lou said...

I forgot about Cossie and his big fat belly transferring over to Tassie.

Wish he'd come to Warriors, we coudl so have done with a batsman - any batsman - who can average 40.