27 January 2011

"As an Indian I feel ashamed"

The words above were spoken by Sambit Bal, editor at Cricinfo and guest on Harsha Bhogle's latest "Time Out" show. The show discusses the ad-cluttered free cricket telecasts in India, illuminates the reasons, necessity and implications of the ad-spam from all angles, hears representatives from the government and the BCCI, and tries to find ways out of the dilemma. Very interesting, particularly in comparison to other markets like England and South Africa.

You can download the show here (right click and save target as...)

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likeatracerbullet said...

Always a great title to lure visitors :)

S.Ganesh Kumar said...

I'll agree with the first Batsman

Suhas said...

Essential listening, that discussion, even if it was mostly Indo-cenric. The show cause notice is good news though it'll only be meaningful if it manages to be a kick in the pants for the BCCI somehow. Going by the recording, they aren't in any hurry to frame guidelines when granting TV rights.
I wonder if the rest of the cricketing world has any similar

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Oh no I'm like glass for you *g*

It was a monster of a quote, had to put it in the title!

Suhas well as the show dealt with Indian TV I guess it's slightly Indo-centric. Well I think the audience is a little different, I could write a novel on that...

Lou said...

Have you ever read Short of a Length on the ad infestations in India cricket broadcasting?

That guy makes me really laugh.