26 January 2011

Australia's Next Super Nathan

Big Bash: Tasmania v Redbacks

Just another TasSAcre at Hobart.... getting used to it ^^

The big names this time: Dr. Daniel Harris aka Boom Boom Harris, and Aiden Blizzard (apart from Klinger nobody else was required to bat). Blizz is back in the side as Pollard has departed, the Redbacks ain't missing him yet!

But let's have a look at the bowling... spin, spin, spin your thing! Thank god Adil Rashid has grounded his feet, don't you love the little boy with his elegant fine fingers. Big in the wickets. But there is a reason for today's headline, isn't there!

Nathan bloody Lyon. Came from ACT to piss around in the grade cricket and play cards with the ground staff. Got a trial game... and the rest is history.

Stepped up from the word go, hero in the first Redbacks BB match this season (and their only defeat so far) and has stuck to his guns since. Deservedly tops the Big Bash bowling table. Leaves me speechless. I hope he can afford a comb from his salary. But even if a bird family nested on his head, as long as he remains lethal I won't complain.

Speaking of birds: if he only dares to think of cuckooing Aaron O'Brien out of the nest I will have to put an end to his career in a very painful fashion! >.<

Match notes:

Oh my god Cossy is so fat. Since the photo in the blog sidebar was taken he has easily doubled his circumference. Let me, on this occasion and entirely unrelated, modify a very famous saying: behind every fat man there's a stupid woman^^. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't make any difference to me, but it is he himself who's bringing the Select Cosgrove bandwagon to a grinding halt.

When Aaron O'Brien took "that catch" -here's a GIF for you-, I hammered the stop button in order to gasp and fight off the blackness descending onto my mind. WHOA. Obi FFS! Oh man. Perhaps the level of fielding in the Big Bash has generally been a bit shoddy this year, but the Redbacks are sharp, hot and spicy!

Adil Rashid is one fantastic player. It slowly becomes apparent why he took shitloads of wickets in the CC. You gotta love his broad range of spin varieties. Potential matchwinner.

George Bailey is amazing. Must be the nicest and friendliest squirrel that has ever nibbled on a nut on either side of the equator.

Cricket Tasmania read my blog. Thus they put Butterworth in the side. Why?? Why in this match? Poor Luke had to defend a low score against a rabid Harris and got smashed left and right. Not good :(

Now onward to the MCG. The Vics might be carrying the red lantern, but now it's about beating them in their own lair. Urgghh.


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Freehit said...

What ever little I have seen of Aiden Blizzard, he has been impressive. Certianly has a future in T20s and maybe even ODIs.