16 January 2011

Australia's Second Saint

∙°º. Australia v England ODI 1 .º°∙

~ Saint Watto ~



sunny said...

Watto has become a saint? I'm migrating to Mars. I don't want to live on a planet where Twattos are saints. :(

likeatracerbullet said...

who's the first one??

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Sunny I think Watto is not just the first ever cricket saint but also better than a shrivelled mouldy old saint whose mighty deeds nobody witnessed!

TB, her canonisation was in the news last year: Australia's first saint

Lou said...

Nope, Mussey is the first.

Saint Mussey and now Saint Twatto.

Who next?

What bothers me is that Saint Mussey has effed his hammys. If he doesn't manage to get to the World Cup, I'll be rather more than a little depressed.