22 January 2011

Heaps Good

It could go on like this forever. Whenever I check the scorecards my fav team has won.
Splendid, marvellous!

Before                                                                       After
The Kiwis (read: Tim Southee) have beaten the Paks comprehensively in the first ODI. On this occasion I need to point out the following: Tim Southee has evolved into a bloody great bowler. I remember the times when he was still that shy, modest farmer's boy, happy about each wicket like a little child under the Christmas tree and grinning all around the head with surprise when he managed to heave the ball into the stands. He's shown outstanding performances all the way and kept improving steadily, but his recent development features fierceness, explicit competitiveness and confidence; his mouth is set in a new, previously unknown, grim line, and the batsmen have begun to dislike him, to put it mildly. Go Tummy! :D

The Ozzies won the second ODI against England thanks to a ridiculously epic innings by Shaun Marsh, great bowling by the Rug and a grand Watto in the second innings. Hopefully Ritzy gets well soon, great to see him back in national colours!

The Redbacks clobbered the Queenslanders, Dan frickn Christian and Australia's best spin attack by a long way ruled everyone into the ground. Tehehe! The Redbacks are topping the table again with a fantastic NRR as well.

Today the NSWers made sure that the Vics stay at the bottom of the Big Bash table, with unbelievably good efforts by Uzzy Khawaja and demigod Steve O'Keefe (must get my hands on a recording....hehe), pulling the match back after a horrible top/middle order collapse.

Yayyyy semis :D
Aaaaaaand.... Hampshire have made into the semifinals of the Caribbean T20! Mainly thanks to great performances by the one and only Hamza Riazuddin, the phenomenal newbie Johann Myburgh and the fiery Simon Jones they stumbled and crashed into the next stage of the tournament, fingers crossed for more consistency and finally an active appearance of Tim Ravenscroft for forks sake!!! Somerset have unfortunately had to pack their bags, but Hampshire will have another chance to look for stability and team effort, they are currently suffering the Oz-syndrome: single performances are helping them over the line. That, and a helpful T&T victory over Barbados, might have sufficed so far, but from now Hampshire must be able to rely on their own strengths.



Sidthegnomenator said...

I can't believe Ritz got injured when he finally got his chance to come back. Apparently he's headed for surgery, but still a month or so until the WC so fingers crossed.

The before photo of Southee is sooooo cute.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Ha ha!
On Ritz, I hope and pray it won't be Doherty. No Doherty please.