23 January 2011

One step closer...

... to 6:1 Vol. II!

Yes to be honest when I "predicted" it at the beginning of the series I didn't believe it myself, but boy, 3:0 up ain't bad is it! The usual "but" applies: This time it were Dussey and Haddin who rescued Australia when the likes of Clarke went down in flames.

Doherty is in the wickets, Yardy and Collingwood may not be the most prized scalps of all time but he's imo definitely going to the World Cup, as Hauritz requires shoulder surgery. SHAME, shame for SOK!!!!! Steve O'Keefe got dropped after one or so lean match. How many opportunities did Doherty get before he stopped looking like a victim? While SOK, an incredibly competitive and very aggressive player, has been mowing his way through the enemy, with bat and ball, in the Big Bash, X-Do remained largely ineffective. Ah well.

... to the Caribbean T20 trophy!!

Hampshire clawed themselves into the final, Johann Myburgh is one unbelievable cricketing machine, his 88 thunderously walloped runs, clobbered despite an injured ankle and a runner, saved Hampshire's neck once again!

Sean Ervine's form ahead of the World Cup is more than worrying, I fear that the Zimbabwean fans, charged with anticipation, might witness a disaster.  My other suspicion is that he just can't be bothered anymore, as the Caribbean T20 matches will be the last ones he plays for Hampshire.

And Hamza Riazuddin deserves to get crowned with daisies. The batsmen have stopped trying to go after him and still he gets wickets! A brilliant 4-fer for my favourite second-string Hammy. My impression is that while Simon Jones is lethal but a bit all over the place sometimes, Hamza works like a siege machine constructed by some evil genius. Yesterday I read the opinion that knotted windmill limbs like his are a pain to read, and the batsman hates playing him. Marvellous!

Tonight, my friends. Hampshire, Hampshire!


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Sidthegnomenator said...

Big shame for SOK. Anyone ANYONE but X-Doh! Please.

Although, preferably My Lord with two working shoulders.