19 January 2011

Phil Hughes Rant

Big Bash
NSW Blues v Tasmania


Tassie have won the Big Bash match v NSW... I am not too happy!! They have pushed Cossy down to 6, where he could only add 8 not out. What a stupid idea.

But worse is that NSW have lost. If Tassie go to the CL I do NOT think they can cut it, as they will most likely be without the legionnaires (read: Rana, who is basically winning the matches for them), Luke Butterworth doesn't get a game, while NSW are stuffed with great players and didn't even bother to hire any foreigners for the BB.

They lost by two fucking runs. Because!! PHIL HUGHESLESS ate up 9 deliveries for 3 runs, the only NSW player with a negative balls-runs ratio*. Just one or two of these balls was what NSW would have needed in the last over!!! WHY is Hughes playing T20 in the first place??????? Or any form of cricket, for that matter?


Don't you dare come up with your stupid rational arguments now!! *goes bashes scapegoat some more grrrrrrrr*


*Except for Peter Nevill, but Nevill is cool, and he also went out for a golden i.e. didn't waste any further deliveries before departing. That is good thinking, global, unselfish, always for the benefit of the team!


tracerbullet007 said...

i clicked on this post, curious to know what hughes was ranting about...only to see you ranting about him!
what happened to this guy? once upon a time, he was the next big thing in Australian cricket...now he has fell off the wagon completely...

Lou said...

Shaun Marsh.

That's all.