13 January 2011

Redbacks Bashing Big

A crashing defeat to start their Big Bash campaign, followed by two equally mindboggling victories and the No. 1 spot in the Big Bash table: the Redbacks have decided to stay true to themselves, they are whipping their supporters up and down the mountain, chucking them onto the Redbacks rollercoaster and having them race through the loops at 500 kph. The ways of this amazing little state team have effects on me that could best be compared to mad cow disease. Don't you love the Redbacks :D

Match 1: Redbacks v NSW Blues

Let's not talk about it, what an utterly disappointing home defeat. Nobody except for Kieron Pollard bothered with batting. The one and only Steve O'Keefe put the O'Threefe pants on again, when he took three wickets in super quick succession to demolish the SA top order and leave the team reeling. Getting sokked might be a rather pleasant way to die, however, it will inevitably lead to being defeated: a fairly undesirable match result.

Side notes: Offie Nathan Lyon aka the son of Billy Bowden had a great debut, Kieron Pollard incomprehensibly entered at 7 and couldn't keep the boat from sinking anymore, but took Moises on the horns again and hammered him for 29. Ahhhh it feels so good to know that in this hectic modern world you still find things of utter predictability. Brett Lee diabolically bowled at 6.66/over and Ritz took three as well. Adil Rashid had a match to forget, and you would hope that he shows more of his class in the coming matches.

Match 2: Redbacks v Bushrangers

Yes yes a thousand times yes! Okay the Bushs blame it on the toss, and the Redbacks being unfairly stuffed with spinners... awww now I feel sorry for the poor ever so modest and polite Victorians.  LOL!  Kaptain Klinger starred with the bat, aided by Ferguson and Pollard, Dan Christian took four *before* he learnt of his Boof-Lehman-contrived $900,000 IPL contract, and Adil Rashid was finally in the wickets when he cleaned up the Vic tail. The 55-run-win did SA's NRR hell of a good and catapulted them to the second rank in the table. Great stuff. I would really like to write something about the Vics, but there is nothing, nada, zilch, neither in the bowling table nor in the batting. Cameron White topscored with 43... that's all.

Side Notes: Callum Ferguson was back in the fold after recovering from getting hit in the sack on Christmas. The luckless Aiden Blizzard had to miss out for him. Pollard batted at 5, promoted by 2 ranks.

Match 3: Warriors v Redbacks

Doc 'n' Roll!  (c) Getty Images
A 46-run victory, but this time away, at the WACA. Had I been wondering where the good Doc Daniel Harris was hiding during the two previous matches this was the moment when he informed us about his presence by whacking a club on our heads! 70 from 37, not bad brother! Together with Pollard's 55-run barrage and additional runs from Klinger the Spidermen set the Warriors an unchaseable target of 202. 

But what a bloodshed! Ferguson is injured *again*, got hit on the schnoz and broke it, and Dan Christian, who had been bowling well, pulled up with a strain and left the field. Not that it mattered! Doc was on a "Mitch" (I've made runs, I'll take wickets!), came on for DC and started reaping! I am well aware that this is a freakish once-in-a-year performance, but it makes me laugh so much. The gap in the field was plugged by assistant coach Jeff Vaughan, I smell a soonish player contract, what a fine catch he took off Pollard's bowling!

Side notes: Pollard finally bats at 3, Adil Rashid is back to shit, my muchly adored Ben Edmondson unfortunately stayed wicketless on his former home ground, but I think he replaced Tait, who is off to international duties, very well. The Redbacks are currently topping the table with a NRR of 1.333. That's living my friends! :P  Let's enjoy it as long as it lasts.

The next match will be played at home again versus the Queenslanders. Very hard nut to bust, the Quoinsers are tough blokes. I hope their minds won't be affected by the terrible floods at home, if you want to help them and donate some money you can do it here.

It's seven days till this match and I hope DC is going to be fit again, otherwise the Saussies will face some real problems. I've looked at the squad, there are a load of rookies and some other guys that could probably try and act as a makeshift DC, but none of them possesses the potential with both devices, not to speak of his irreplaceable fielding skills. It's gonna be a challenge with Fergs out as well, I think Blizz might be back and he better tighten the pants! Runs, good man, we need your runs! :D

However, I am happy for now.



Lou said...

I'm not. Ronchi had the whole afternoon to get Harris stumped from Heal and muffed it. He's having a shocker of a season.

Then to add insult to injury Manou stuffs one up and Gayle falls over anyway.

I knew it wasn't our match with Gayle going that way.

Ben Edmonson bowled pretty well considering he doesn't know his own run-up.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

For the first time I've heard his name pronounced. I actually thought it was like Rontchi. Ronki sounds... weird.

Sidthegnomenator said...

I was following this on twitter as much as I could at work, it sounded awful (for Lou and Me, not you Wes). Sounds like we got absolutely pummelled.

Lou said...

Ronkey is the Italian pronunciation with the c being made hard by the h.

Ha, ha, that sounds pornographic.