29 January 2011

To cheer or not to cheer

Big Bash: Bushrangers v Redbacks

Yay. Must admit I've gone through one or two sleepless nights over the Vic match, a couple of SA supporters were getting arrogant and I was hoping this complacency would not encroach upon the minds of the players. I still need to watch the match to get a clearer picture, but the scorecard and commentary suggest a solid performance, no clobbering, but Klinger's men safely guided the ship home. Well done dudes and dudettes!

Now I am pondering what to make of the home final. Adelaide has proven to be the most difficult ground for the Redbacks to play on, as they suffered their only defeat in this year's Big Bash there, inflicted upon by NSW, who, if they make the final as well, will seek to pull off an exact repetition of this very feat. Okay it was SA's first BB match and they were perhaps a bit rusty coming off the Shield and Ryobi Cup, but still, I'd much rather like them to play at Hobart, the ground that guarantees a steamrolling SA victory not only in the shortest format ^^

Match notes:

Adil Rashid has kicked Nathan bloody Lyon off the bowling throne. The cheeky little bugger definitely went one step too far!!! Adil, go and repent before I make you do so!!!

Kane Richardson offered another very masculine display of pace bowling, the speed stocks are looking good, who needs Tait?

Dr. Daniel Harris is who Afridi has always dreamt to be.


Side Note: 

SOK - now available in flawless
I've finally watched the match in which Steve O'Keefe rammed unsharpened poles into all Victorian orifices, including the nostrils and ears. Oh god it was so good. It was the most exciting bit of cricket I have seen in a long time, in particular his batting, and tbh I felt a bit sweaty afterwards. Yeah I know he can hold the willow, have seen it a few times as well, but the way he kicked, smashed and shovelled Siddle and Macca across the park deserved the immediate construction of a completely oversized temple city with a huge central sanctum in the middle.

Side note to the side note: he has finally (finally!!!) got rid of these horrible sauerkraut-coloured Aunt-Mildred-highlights and sports a wonderfully suiting, plain brownish composition on the head now, just the way it should have been all the time. Good boy SOK. Getting better every day.

The Blues need to drive the QLD cattle back to the shed in a few hours, pitifully without him (calf strain), but I hope he's putting the feet up and recovering for the preliminary final against Tassie on Tuesday.


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Lou said...

Final should be a ripper.