22 February 2011

The Cheeseheads

have managed the impossible today. No no, they have not beaten England by ten wickets, neither by ten Doeschates, although RTD must have descended from a higher level of existence; he looked otherworldly enough to accomplish the feat.

What I mean is that the Netherlands are the first cricket team in the history of mankind to have reached a huggability score of more than 100%. I am not sure how they did it, it is mathematically impossible, and I bet they can't even explain it themselves, but it has happened and thus we need to accept it as a matter of fact. No lid could contain the global burst of affection caused by the combined efforts of Ryan ten Doeschate, Peter Borren, Pieter Seelaar, our favourite run-getting machine and most noble South Australian ambassador Tom Super-Cooper, and their valiant orange fellows.

Now since this seemingly eternal barrier has been broken, I am sure the Zimbabweans are already chomping at the bit. They nearly rammed the door in with their bowling performance against Australia and possess the potential to follow suit with the Dutchmen very quickly. Go the Zims, you can do it, too!

Candidate No. 3, the New Zealanders, could jump over the fence very soon as well, especially as they are pitted against the Australians next, a pairing that always causes me to break out in loud wails of despair, and this time the Kiwis will be additionally burdened by the worries about their families and friends in Christchurch. I have of course banned the thought of this match from my mind until there's no way to escape it anymore.

But back to topic, as mentioned in the preview the Netherlands have to become World Champions, and if you are still not convinced of this obvious fact I can present you with the argument that, for womankind's sake, Pieter Seelaar (i.e. this guy) has to play as many matches as possible, before he inevitably disappears into the depths of un-televisedness again.

Capiche? ;)



Mudassar Ijaz said...

Well I really enjoyed the way they carry themselves in the field in their utmost desire to win this thing. Lighten up the WC for us. They can do great but need couple of good bowlers and I was thinking what if Zimbabwe and Netherlands combine, wht a team that will be in Sub-Continent conditions :P

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

That would actually be a really great idea... Zim bowling and Dutch batting... seriously...
*rusty brain rattles with excitement*

sunny said...

The Dutch fellas made me a whole lot happy yesterday. It didn't end in a fairy-dream, but in the end they might have more reason to walk around 'met hun koppen omhoog' rather than the Poms.

Was joy and irritation simultaneously for me though when I discoverd Tendo used to belong to Saffaland a long while back. But I'm glad he's at least lending his excellent services to the Keeskoppies who can do with those. :)

Sidthegnomenator said...

I was so depressed when thy couldn't pull that win, and not just because they were playing England (although that helped). I really think they played well and deserved it. The bowling just wavered at the end there, didn't it?

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Ten Inches is the guy NL needs. Despite some people's bullshitting about his soonish PPP (Pom passport) he earns enough money with all his T20 stints everywhere and his county contracts to be able to afford full loyalty to NL. The Associates need players like him as shining examples, who take cricket forward and attract more locals to playing, besides they provide the Associates with the success necessary to make the ICC, and Punter, eat their words.