8 February 2011

Delayed Gratification

Big Bash Final: Redbacks v NSW Blues


Sorry for the late review, technical issues and the sifting and editing of over 400 screenshots prevented me from posting this earlier.

Interestingly the Blues did not even try to replace Khawaja, but just slotted Luke Doran in to strengthen the spin department. The Redbacks restricted the toss-winners NSW successfully and, against all statistical implications, chased down the target with 15 balls to spare. I am very satisfied to see the SA team win the Big Bash; as the most consistent and reliable side of the tournament they certainly deserved to lift the trophy. Commiserations to NSW, and see you at the Champions League! But keep one thing in mind: no SOK - no glory ^^

My Redbacks of the tournament:

Borgas and the Doctor sealed the fate of NSW
Dr. Daniel Harris. To think that I wanted him dropped at the beginning for his rather mediocre start into the season. Oh my. After all these years (haha) I still haven't absorbed the rule that you don't omit a classy player. Lesson learnt, hopefully! He also re-occupied the top spot in the batting table from David Warner.

Cameron Borgas. Came in late and grabbed what didn't make it onto the tree in time. Now retrospectively one has to feel sorry for him not getting any more matches; I think he's a powerful batsman and would surely  have liked to hammer a few more bowlers on the nut. But he is certainly going to the Champions League with SA, South Australia's very last T20 tournament as a state team *sneuf*

Nathan Lyon: give the guy a Shield game!
Nathan bloody Lyon. Jack in the box! Popped out and reigned. Wow. Also confirms my positive gut feeling about ACT. Was perhaps a wee bit excited in the final but got his men, is hopefully going to get a couple more matches this season. SA need to build him up and strengthen him carefully. The idea of SA being Australia's powerhouse of spin sounds just too seductive.

Adil Rashid - a treasure chest of variations
Adil Rashid. I so wish to say "hopefully they'll sign him again next year", but fork knows what's going to happen then. Will Adelaide retain most of its players? Or are they going to tear my heart out, dismember the team and spread the remains all over the continent like the body parts of Osiris? If so, who's gonna be the penis? We shall see and grab our heads.

Dan frickn Christian: huffing, puffing, grunting and snarling his way through the opposition
Dan frickn Christian. He's cool like that. To be honest I can't think of any other player who puts so much physical presence into his game. DC is always switched on 200%, which doesn't make any sense mathematically, but you know what I mean. The moment when Klinger sent him on I erupted in cheers, yeeeeaaaahs and air punches without realising it.  DC just grabs you by the collar and drags you through his innings whether you want it or not. Definitely a player who makes you feel the match with all fibres of your body. Massive fighter in the Redbacks front line, can't imagine the team without him.

Kane the b.....oon
Kane Richardson. Although he looks like my former school mate Tina he's got a lot of edge and bite to him. A wonderful talent and for me personally a great sighting, as you don't get to look at the 2nd XI players very often. Good variation, focus and confidence. Glad he got a chance to shine, certainly made the very best of this opportunity and recommended himself for higher duties. Obviously also won the Richardson-v-Cummins battle of the kiddie quicks on that evening (see figures).

Kieron Pollard, always a most welcome guest at Adelaide  (c) Redbacks Web
And of course the big happy man! Got SA off to a great start, laid the foundation for their cruise and will certainly be glad to see the team continue successfully after his departure, and win the trophy. Just imagine if he could play for SA in the Champions League. Whoohoo. I guess it'll all depend on the IPL again.

Match notes:

Succumb to the lamb!
Luke Doran, NSW's next spin kid
If someone had said we would get so see another spinner as unkempt as Nathan Lyon I would have laughed in unbelief. But Luke Doran *really* needs to see a sheep shearer. On topic, he did a fairly ok job, didn't get belted around overly, and had the second best econ after Tidy Thornely, which is not particularly wondrous as he was wearing the boots of The SOK. Neat performance from the U19 World Champion, looking forward to seeing more from him.

Pat Cummins bowled a thrilling over, which also included a 149.5 kph delivery. The kid is amazing, just 17 years old. At 23 he'll probably bowl 157 kph missiles. One of the big discoveries of this tournament, and although captain Clark pointed out that NSW must not heap too much workload on Pat's narrow shoulders I think that in a few years we will see the Baby Blue dragonslayer knocking at the door of the NSP with a battering ram.

Happy End for Aaron O'Brien after Klinger bewitched him successfully
Aaron O'Brien, the guy most easily to recognise from behind because of the wiping cloth that has grown to his butt, oozed tons of class and purity. Felt great to suffer another fit of Obi madness, and I'm happy that he got an extra interview during the match. I bet my top of the back of the leg that he's going to continue this form seamlessly in the Shield and Ryobi Cup. Undoubtedly among my favourite Redbacks players; orderly and neat with the ball, and always ready to take the next ripper.

Nerves, nerves, nerves. NSW should have been all out in the 17th over ^^

Get well soon, SOK.

Stuey ain't learning it! Last time he brought Moises on against Pollard, obviously entirely ignoring the history between these two potato heads, and this time he sent him into the ring again when the situation required a sewing machine; himself, Cummins or the choker Thornely, who inexplicably got to bowl a single over. Jeez!


Oki doki that's it for now, not sure how intensely the state cricket can be covered in the next weeks, as the World Cup will soak up a lot of my attention, but should Dan Christian belt another 150 off 70 balls accompanied by 6-28 I will let you know very certainly :P



Sidthegnomenator said...

Awe, I think Kaney is a cutey! Don't say he looks like a girl.

Hope you got those screenshots sorted - I got impatient and made comment on your last post.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Hello Sid, thanks a lot for your comments, much appreciated! Not saying he looks like a girl but he and Tina look like eggs. They definitely have the same parents ^^

Yeah whenever possible I'm trying to take screenshots rather than take pics from other websites... it gives you the chance to include an action shot / a weird facial expression or funny gesture, or even create an animated GIF, and also helps you to circumvent the copyright issues (I hope). Of course that only works if there is a recording of the match or a highlights video of good enough quality somewhere :( But it's a fair bit of work and thus takes some time...

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Hello. I came to say hello :D

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Hey Pu! Loooong long time no see :) Hope you are well! Thank you for your visit :D