24 February 2011

From Red To Black

This is one of these posts a blogger doesn't really feel like writing so, apologies for the underlying meh-ness. In order to cheer ourselves up let's start with the completely unrelated screenshot of the century: Ben Hilfenhaus and George Bailey fuming out of their ears during the preliminary Big Bash final versus NSW.

After the triumph at the Big Bash the Redbacks are back to their normal South Australian level. Which is at the bottom of all non-T20 tables. I am sure they are simply burnt out after the long summer and mentally drained after the T20 cup. Perhaps I have also started to heart them so much that I would literally let them get away with murder. So for this reason here's just a little summary of a few mentionable moments in the recent matches:

After the T20 the Redbacks travelled to the WACA to cop two ringing slaps in the face.

"What positives can we take from these results?" Ha ha. Okay:

In the Shield match Nathan Lyon garnished his successful debut with six West Australian wickets, young quick Jake Haberfield took four, and Peter George upon his return to the limelight grabbed five and shone in particular in the second innings, probably reversing it square (the monster ^^). Michael Klinger made yet another ton, James Smith chipped in with back to back 60+ scores, and Mr. Slow-Hand Graham Manou added a fine patient knock to the total. Alas, the Boriers had the better cards on their hands... Hogan, Duffield, Pomersbach, Coulter-Nile, just to name a few.

In the Ryobi Cup clash following the Shield game it was once again James Smith who stuck his fist in the air and delivered his third 60+ score in a row, aided by Cameron Borgas, and on the bowling front Jake Haberfield. Tragically SA lost when WA sealed the win with the last ball. Sucks.

Dreariness and weariness seemed to have taken over, at least at my end of things, when the Redbacks returned home for another Ryobi Cup game to suddenly hand the Queenslanders a good birching. In the end it were 60 runs that separated the winners from the losers, the home soil seemed to unfold their magic for the Saussies. Aiden Blizzard was finally back in the runs with a fine 50, Dan Harris his helpful assistant. Bowling-wise tidy stuff was offered by Kane Richardson (3-21), who wrecked the entire QLD top order for single figures, Ben Edmondson and Nathan Lyon. Aaron O'Brien paid quite a price for his three wickets but so what.

Once on location, the visit by the Quoinsers continued with a Shield match. I am not sure how SA managed a home defeat by nearly 100 runs. Obviously the ball did plenty on the last day and James Hopes went through the SA batting order with a lawnmower. Positives: more patient stuff from Blizzard and Manou, a lone tragic hero called Doctor Daniel Harris on the last day, with an epic century among... let me... count... SEVEN ducks. Kane Richardson and Nathan Lyon are my personal favourites among the bowlers towards the end of the season. It's also nice to finally see Edo back in action for a few games. But now, ladies and gentlemen, let me present you with the....

Second innings bowling figures of Dan frickn Christian:
17.2    10    20    3    1.15

Thanks to Josh aka half-tracker aka the largest brain of Hampshire for pointing them out to me. Check out his phenomenal Netherlands preview at Clear Cricket and follow his twitterances. His Hants blog should claim a top spot on the reading list of all county cricket fans anyway.

I'd like to mention that Klinger didn't play the last two matches and the captaincy was handed over to Dan Christian, an idea I have warmed up to *very* very much. In the last Shield match Obi got replaced by Cullen Bailey, who did a good job. I hope the two guys are fine and just resting.

Alright, time for the state special of the day... SOK, Bailsgeorge, Cossy, Luke!

Steve O'Keefe has finally returned to the NSW bunch after his injury, and just to rub his allrounder value under everybody's nose, he delivered a loss-of-hair inducing knock of 49 in the split innings match against the Vics, just to go out when NSW were two runs short of the victory. Forksake. I hope his team mates aren't blaming him for this very close loss of the Ryobi Cup semifinal. Tragedy, your name is oscillating between Doc Harris and SOK.

Cosgrove/Bailey: Cossy made 120 in the Ryobi Cup match against the Vics, and skipper George Bailey added the other ton!!! And yes, Victoria won with the last ball and one wicket remaining. GARGHHHH. In such moments I would understand if the big man smashed a whole electronics store in. But revenge was lurking around the corner, in the Shield match that followed the split innings encounter skipper Bailey did not allow the Vics to steal the butter from his bread, 160 runs came off his bat and carried the Tasmanians to victory.

Cherry on top of the cream: Luke Butterworth (LBW) took five... (smooth transition...) only to burst into the most beautiful fireworks in the most recent Tassie match, a steamrollering defeat inflicted upon WA in the Shield, where Luke took the biscuit: 6-51 in the first innings, 6 overs for 5 runs in the second, and, the last and worst tragedy of this post, 100(-1) runs with the bat to lay the foundation for Tasmania's innings victory.

O ye people near and far, jump aboard the Butterworth bandwagon!!!

End of rant.


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