25 February 2011

How many of you

have actually realised the significance of today's Bangladesh v Ireland game beyond 'taking revenge', Bangladesh being expected to emerge victorious from a must-win-situation, or Asia's rumpelstiltskinoid battle against 'the West'?

Let Ireland's CEO Warren Deutrom remind you of this broader meaning -which also includes a look back at Bangladesh's recent history- and clear up some common misconceptions, such as the number of teams allegedly having a bearing on the length of the 2015 World Cup, and let him explain you what impact the ICC's decision could have on the funding of the successful Associate development programs. The words he speaks here largely apply to all smaller cricketing nations no matter on which continent or at what stage of progress. Globalisation is cricket's greatest chance to spread, to grow and bloom in formerly non-cricket-playing countries. It is in no one's interest to keep the lid on that just as we are starting to see the first results.

Or is it?

Go to 13:55 for the interview
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And this is why I am sad that Ireland crumbled under the weight of their big chance today.



Pete said...

A bit harsh to say Ireland crumbled under the weight, but they did have a great chance with a modest target.

The optimist in me thinks Ireland may still do something of note - England? West Indies?

The pessimist in me thinks that by the time 2015 comes around, Ireland will have been forgotten about by the ICC, and China will be the next cute baby.

Mudassar Ijaz said...

China cute? oh yeah they look cute, freakishly cute :P

Ireland? well they r going to kick West Indies and England (hopefully) and may be Netherlands :P

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Pete not like that. By "crumbled under the weight of their (huge) chance" I mean they got twitchy in the face of the chaseable target. It can cause players to fork things up. Thanks for your visit!

Maddy I certainly hope so!

Pete said...

No, I appreciate that Wes.

It frustrates me though. Absolutely gutted that Ireland couldn't get over the line.

Then again, I was always doubtful as to whether they could chase it.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

*sigh* At the end I was sitting there fighting tears and cursing like a lumberjack, but I trust their batting line-up, had never doubted that they were capable of chasing it... until the last O'Brien went out. It was infuriating to see so many Poms rooting for the Deshis... Andrew Miller grrrrrr. Of course Bdesh need to make sure they beat all the minnows, if they want to have a chance. But...argh. Stressy day of cricket today.