20 February 2011

Oh look, they got hammered

Minnows will be minnows will be minnows... no?

Bangladesh got buried under 370 Indian runs, no chance chasing this. But when the Tamim/Shakib partnership was broken, you could grab the Indian relief with your hands. I still think that Bangla will beat the Associates fairly easily.

Hamish Bennett: NZ's damage dealer
Footage by Cricket Online TV
I feel absolutely heartbroken for Kenya. Yay the Kiwis won a match, and the deservedness of that win is oozing from each figure in the bowling table, plus they really needed that victory under the belt, but my minnow heart is bleeding. No use interpreting the scorecard... if it displays the general state of the Kenyan cricket team, Afghanistan would perhaps have been better contestants in this tournament.

Canada fought hard against the Sri Lankans. Not only could they restrict them to less than 370 *g* and take seven wickets, but they also managed to surpass the Kenyan total of 69 by quite a margin. Rizwan Cheema tried to make the best of it and took Murali on the horns, before the old Lankan warhorse had the last word in this little duel. After their near-win over England in the warm-ups and their Hampshire humiliation (HamHum) at the Caribbean T20 one can safely state that the Maple Leaves are up for the challenge. I will need to re-assess their huggability rating ^^ However, nobody is exempt from the rule that in order to win you have to win.

What pisses me off most is that these results are water on the mills of those who support the decision that the WC should be reduced to 10 teams. I will not debate this issue here, though, just letting you know that I do not approve of this for obvious reasons. Go the minnows, put the man pants on, play freely, just do your thing! Canada have obviously internalised this attitude, check out the press conference skipper Ashish Bagai gave before the Lanka match:

Tomorrow Australia v Zimbabwe. Urggh.



Rishabh said...

I have a very bad feeling that all minnows are going to get whipped, thus making the ICC's case to do away with them, stronger.

The WC is probably the only time these teams get to play the biggies, it's no surprise that they won't be getting better playing amongst themselves!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Rishi you are taking the words out of my mouth. However my impression is that most of your fellow countrymen share the Punter view: getting hammered every four years won't make them any better, these matches don't yield any profits and only extend the contest unnecessarily, especially in contrast to the quick and compact T20 WC. Yes a child won't learn if you only teach it every four years (the Cricinfo ball by ball coverage commented on one of the Canadian batsman when he was facing Murali, that he was probably encountering a doosra for the first time in his life) but I am saying play them more often, give them a chance to develop. They want it, there is something boiling underneath the surface. A different attitude perhaps as well. Such matches are huge for them, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Ah well. Bla.

Lou said...

The trouble is that the Aussies can barely bring themselves to play Bangladesh more than once every four years, Sri Lanka isn't far behind. Where are they going to find time or interest to play any of the minnows?

CA is only interested in money, so they are not going to be handing out any largesse in the way of scheduling.

And the Warriors are back to their usual nonsense. Adam Voges hates playing at the WACA unless its for the National team. His average there is about 10.