27 March 2011

Congrats And Hurrah


The South Australian Cricket Association Player Of The Year Awards 2010/11
(For the NSW awards please scroll down)

Haaaaaallelujah! Pt. I

SA State Player of the Year: Dan frickn Christian. Yes yes yes yes! DC my good man. Or, as half-tracker puts it... "He will always be my melon" (sorry for quoting that. I had to. It was torturing me). Or, as captain Klinger put it: "Australia's most dynamic allrounder". Kingsize congrats and a mountain-high cake for DC. But I bet he will be too disciplined and too busy to eat it!

SA Ryobi Cup Player of the Year: Dan frickn Christian. ACA Most Valuable Player Of The Year: Dan frickn Christian. ACA Ryobi Cup Most Valuable Player Of The Year: Dan frickn Christian. United European Redbacks Fans (UERF) Player Of The Year: Dan frickn Christian. And so on and so on....

SA T20 Player Of The Year: Dr. Daniel Harris. The good Doc was imho close to becoming Player Of The Year as well, if you consider his Shield contributions etc. His value can impossibly be expressed in numbers. But yes, he was a freaking monster in the T20. A very polite, well-mannered and well-spoken freaking monster.

SA Most Improved Player Of The Year: Nathan bloody Lyon. Sniff. Sneuf. Sneef. What a great happy end to a beautiful fairytale. I hope he feels good in SA and will resist any satanic offers from other states.

And now Ladies & Gentlemen, the Jack In The Box Award for the most unsuspected laureate, who cops the medal for the...

First Class Player Of The Year... OMG it's Aiden Blizzard! Blizz is SA's leading runscorer in First Class cricket, take that, you villains of evil! Well I've aaarghhed about his Shield runs earlier, but did not expect him to top the table. Take a bow!

Further awards went to Aiden Blizzard and Peter George for their First Class performance with the bat / ball *coughcoughTendulWicketcoughcough*, Dan Christian and Ben Edmondson (sigh...) for their batting and bowling achievements at the Ryobi Cup, as well as Cullen Bailey and Tom Moffat -hear hear!- for their respective displays in the Futures League. Big congrats to the happy winners!

The Female State Player Of The Year trophy was awarded to the legendary Karen Rolton. Let me quote her amazing figures from the SACA homepage: "In her final season of domestic cricket, Rolton shone for the Scorpions in the Women’s Twenty20 competition, scoring 440 runs at a 48.88 average as well as taking 16 wickets at an average of 13.31. Rolton has won the trophy three times, overtaking the retired Kris Britt who has taken home the award twice." Gulp. Now that is a majestic way to bow out of a sport. I am speechless. I hope she's gonna stay active behind the scenes for many years to come.

Here's a great video in which the SACA talks to some of the awardees. Really nice, watch it:


Haaaaaallelujah! Pt. II
I've cheekily saved the best for last. The best from the hostile world beyond the state border. NSW State Player of the Year is ... the mighty mighty SOK! Steve O'Keefe grabbed the highest honours for his insanely impressive performance across all formats, as a symbolic middle finger to the national selectors, and a reward for his new, much improved hairdye. Very well done SOK, keep fighting and biting, we'll get you there! I need to quote the NSW homepage on that occasion as well:

"After a tremendous season in all forms of the game, Stephen O’Keefe was the clear winner this season with 250 votes, finishing 99 votes clear of Nathan Hauritz, with 151 votes. O’Keefe was consistent all summer picking up 22 wickets at 20.31, in the Weet-Bix Sheffield Shield. He was no less impressive in the one-day format scoring 219 runs at an average of 43.80 in the Ryobi Cup, as well as contributing heavily to the KFC Big Bash campaign."

"O’Keefe also represented Australia against England in two Twenty20 International matches during the summer. O’Keefe also won the Ryobi Cup Player of the Year award in convincing fashion. He finished with 127 votes to top Brett Lee (89 votes) who took 15 wickets at an average of 25.00 in seven matches."

Now, if these numbers don't make you slump down like a puppet with cut strings and roll around in the dust with bulging eyes and screeching fits of "I'm not worthy oh god I'm not worthy" then you can't be helped. What the NSW homepage does not mention is SOK's outstanding contribution against the England "A" Team prior to the Ashes, here and here. Lest we forget!

Further medals went to the sensational newcomer Pat Cummins, who amazed me as well during the Big Bash, for his outstanding T20 bowling, and Trent Copeland for his excellence at the Shield. Ice cream, confetti and fanfares for the babyblue honeycakehorses!

We shall however note that Nathan Hauritz missed out on some of these medals by just a few votes. It has indeed not been the luckiest of years for the legend, despite his consistently good, oftentimes outstanding performances with bat and ball. We hope to see you back soon in national colours, Ritz!

You may expect another post when Cossy has won the Tassie Player Of The Year, of course.



Christopher Poshin David said...

Not a follower of the Australian domestic circuit but I've heard much of Dan Christian and seen him in a few big bash games....Seems like an amazing player.

As for Karen Rolton, I never heard of her but when I googled her, I'm surprised I haven't. And those figures you mentioned at the age of 36! Now that's amazing!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Hello Poshin thanks for sticking your head in. I'm sure you'll see plenty of DC in the IPL.

Louise said...

It's slightly incredible that the only spin bowler in Aus who just won't be thrown a Baggy Green is SOK.

He may prove to be as mediocre as everyone else, but so what? At least he's doing his damndest to get the gig unlike most of the other players they choose.

It's one of the more insoluble mysteries that our NSP inflict on us with such tedious regularity.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Yep, absolutely Lou - both SOK and Hauritz are keen as little bunnies but get overlooked and yes, SOK might prove to be mediocre but when did that ever stopped the selectors from selecting someone? Come on Hilditch, you loser WE WANT SOK!