25 March 2011

Dr. Tinybiff Makes Another Appearance

So the Kiwis got restricted to 221... and then won by 49 runs.

Bye-bye my poor little Miniboof, hope life's gonna treat you well :(

My emotional apparatus is a bit overchallenged with this result. It's like you are trying to stare to the left and right at the same time. Well well. Perhaps, since most of us anticipated a Saffa win (especially taking into consideration that the SAFs seemed to be the only non-Asian team capable of handling the subcontinental sides), we are now a bit clueless about what to feel.

The furry potato-shaped clumsybird in me can't bloody believe it. What a stunner! The Kiwis certainly outdid themselves today, and heck they did deserve to win this. What a desolate performance from the South Africans. MillsKills wasn't even playing!! Not as a bowler, that is. But what is going to happen in the Semis?
Now, my little sheeplets, you surely know that what you've started you also have to finish in the end? Can you beat the Pomdorians or SL? Can you defeat India... or Pak, once more? Deary me. Deary freaking me. What have you done, you stumpy poultry!

This is the one upset the cricket world has been waiting for. Now don't relapse into old patterns. Keep the pants up on the hips where they belong. Don't (don't) jump from the cliff now! Don't let your success stun you. My fingers, toes and ears are crossed for you!!!



Rishabh said...

Oh man. The Saffas are the only team that I don't mind India losing the WC to. Well, I'd mind, but much less than if India lost to Pak/SL/Eng/NZ.

tracerbullet007 said...

Its pretty weird, but I actually dreamt a few days back that India would face the Kiwis in the final...lets see if that comes true..

Sidthegnomenator said...

That was unbelievable - SA out and to the Kiwis?? WHAT?? And did I hear right, or has Smith stepped down as captain?

This is turning into one funny world cup, huh? I'm now supporting SL but my heart edges towards my antipodean neighbours a little.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Please moderate me and let me in ... :-)

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Was finally physically and mentally able to watch the highlights last night... oh man what a match. Biff left me heartbroken, though :(

Jen said...

cute.. too.. much..
Needs more breakfast, needs buckwheat pancakes with poppyseed swirls, needs yoghurt with cranberry jam, needs more tea and Italian biscuits, doesn't care about Smith and his ugly shots, wants to know what the furry thing is, wants to brush its fur, wants to look at more furry things, likes your blog.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Lol it's a baby buffalo (hence Tinybiff... Smith... etc). This is his second appearance, I used him during the T20 WC the first time. And do you know that you are making me hungry all the time. I'm getting fat from conversing with you! :P