14 March 2011

Elton made runs

At least a few. And Babyslug Craig Ervine got a half-century. Also, Zimbabwe didn't get bowled out.

(c) Getty Images
That's about all you can say about the Zimbabwean innings, sadly. Defending a smallish total, Duckworth Lewis or not, at a seriously moderate asking rate could only have been achieved with airtight bowling aka Prosper Utseya. Alas, Shingi (in for Mpofu) and The Lamb fluffed it. I also hear moans about Elton cocking up at the toss and setting debatable fields, to the point of "at least he plays for country". Country Shmountry! All of them do, for sure. But it's just not enough. The busy 2011 schedule should give them plenty of opportunity to gather more experience and enhance their skills and tricks.

Match notes:

Afridi, panicking over the prospect that the run chase might take place without him and the audience could be waiting in vain for the sight of Boom Boom getting out stupidly for zilch, promoted himself to No. 3 unselfishly and consequently went out for 3 runs. Thank you Shahid for making me grin on a gloomy day.

Ray Price's retirement will be the end of Zimbabwean cricket.

Happy Birthday Elton... hope you're still enjoying your cake!



maehara said...

Rumour mill is that Ray may call it quits at 100 ODI wickets. That's not really that far away.

Don't think I believe it, myself - the lure of a few Test matches should be enough to keep him around for a while (his Test figures from before Things Went Wrong are even better than his ODI ones, and he's a better bowler now than he was then).

But yeah, if he retires, we're fooked.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Hi Zim-man thanks for your comment. I'm sticking my fingers in my ears and singing lalala very loudly, in order not to hear what you are saying. Hope he is staying as long as he can hold a ball! Just declare him national property.

Masuud said...

Love the nicknames. And you can't help doing it without my baby, can't you? "Run chase without him.." Grrr...

Maaz said...

Tough luck Zimbos. Happy Birthday Skipper. Was impressed by Cremer. Have seen him bowl previously too. Glad Pakistan got over the line here and managed to get the 2 points. I was really pleased for Asad Shafiq. Played marvellously well. Zimbabwe will bag a win on Sunday when they take on their African rivals Kenya. Let's see if they can salvage some continental pride despite failing to progress to the knock out stages which was not that much beyond them.

Mykuhl said...

I'm actually grumpy about how well Cremer bowled. I finally dropped him from my fantasy team. And picked Mpofu. I obviously had that tip wrong.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Masuud, sorry but he wanted it!!!

Maaz and Mykuhl, did not dare praise Cremer yet again, considering what fuss I've made about him on the blog already. Could start to look suspicious :P