2 March 2011


Well the Ireland v England match is in its 36th over and right at this stage one cannot tell how it's going to end, however, we are currently witnessing an absolute gorefest. Kevin O'Brien, formerly known as the fingerwiggle man, is smashing it left, right and through the middle.

I've just checked the score, he's on 80 off 39 balls. After Ireland had slumped to 111-5, he and Queensland-born Alex Cusack have brutally forced the Greens to 230, with less than a hundred runs to go to chase down the English total. Followers from all over the world are delightfully bathing in crazy ideas like "how long till KOB plays for England", "fat IPL contract", and so on.

Guys, it's just one brutal innings. However, if he manages to blitz Ireland home I'm sure the offers will come flying in, IPL is on the cards for sure... next year, if the responsibles have not forgotten about him by then. A county contract should at least be in it, since he also has a knack of taking wickets.

Hell, he just completed the fasted World Cup century ever, 100 from 50 balls, which also equals the 6th fasted ODI century of all time. Ireland need 56 off 54! I am trying to contain my today's beverages. No matter what happens now, Associate cricket, well ok Irish cricket, is alive and kicking!

Cusack just got run out for a fine helpful 47. Nooo nooo it mustn't end like this!!! John Mooney replaces Cusack in a more than worthy manner, plays exactly at the same pace, and then steps on the throttle. Arghhhh O'Brien run out when 11 from 11 are needed! FFS! The tail must finish this for the big KOB now!


Mooney and Trent Johnston racing away, completing the highest ever run chase in World Cup history. Madness! England punished for shitty bowling and fielding, insane! This is a huge middle finger going out to all the crows that were croaking about the pointlessness of this run chase, when Ireland were wobbling at the start. Go eat your words!

Hoorayyyy for Associate cricket!!! Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! The World Cup has begun!!!



Sidthegnomenator said...

Fastest ever century in world cup history and it comes from a minnow batsman - the world cup starts here, people! Freakin brilliant.

Bring on saturday.

Mudassar Ijaz said...

That was quick Wesi

Well done You, Well done Ireland.

Group B is alive. Group A needs to catch up :)

Shridhar Jaju said...

And England continues its World Cup journey by playing out a third consecutive nail-biter...

Next up for them: their import market, South Africa!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

I'm still grinning like not right in the head. Legs are twitching in anticipation of the highlights!

tracerbullet007 said...

your post just summed up the emotions, thousands of people would have felt in the closing stages of the match!
I really fear for India...can Ireland topple another giant?